Girlboss, a comedy capable of inspiring a number of young entrepreneurs

Girlboss is a Netflix series based on the story of Sophia Amoruso, one of the most respected names in the fashion world.

Funny and perhaps a bit dramatic , it shows a lot of the fashionista’s life, like the period when she left her parents’ house and had to pick up food in the trash to survive, until she reached the peak with Nasty Gal, your store on the American site of buying and selling products, the eBay.

In this article, you will learn more about the d series and also about the history of Sophia Amoruso, and understand some interesting lessons for young entrepreneurs who want to risk (or are already risking) the opening of a business.

Let’s read?

About Girlboss

Based on the story of Sophia Amoruso , one of the most respected fashion icons, Girlboss is an American television series created by Kay Cannon , Script ista andwhisker well known for his work as writer and producer d and 30 Rock, nominated for the Emmy for NBC.

The episodes ram fo Netflix launched in 21 to 2017 Bright, but not the same year, Ted Sarandos , director of contents of the provider via streaming, unified itscancellation.

But you can still watch and be inspired by the comic season one!

The plot shows the difficulties of the character Sophia Marlowe , played by Britt Robertson , who also made, among other productions, the series Under the dome and the movie Tomorrowland , when she loses his job and receives a notice that he will be evicted from his residence.

It was a find in a brechó that made the girl such a comeback.

Want to know more about this story?

Well, I got it or during my teenage years, when Sophia went to live alone in an apartment after leaving her parents’ house.

Unable to get a job, the arrogant girl (characteristic of no real Sophia present ) who she thinks she already knows everything , that a college is totally unnecessary and that nobody has the capacity to teach her anything, she starts her struggle to get some money so she does not have to live with her parents again.

She gets to the point of picking up food from the trash and even stealing some items from luxury stores (this really happened to the real Sophia, can you believe it?).

Well, I’m glad your fashion sense worked for something.

She got or else the pan pieces in thrift city to resell on the Internet with a high profit margin.

And is not it worked?

Your shop on eBay US site for buying and selling products, if t r nou a real success.

It was the beginning of the well-known Nasty Gal.

But to achieve this level, it pass or through ups and downs and faced many people who do not believe va m in its potential, especially as a woman.

The real Sophia, Amoruso, continued with the store until 2015 and built a net worth of more than $ 10 million.

And she became one of the youngest women to influence social networks and has been called Cinderella of Technology.

In 2016, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy and the girl is now engaged in a consulting business for women who want to undertake, Girlboss, the same name as the series.

How can the Girlboss series inspire young entrepreneurs?

Leaving the series a bit aside Gir l boss and speak specifically of Sophia Amoruso , his great balcony was to handle failure and manage it as a great learning towards success.

Considering this point, let us now turn to the lessons that the program can teach us?

1 — Find a niche that identifies itself

In the series , Sophia said that she was self-sufficient and thought she knew everything.

Well, not everything, but certainly understood fashion and sales more than many people.

That’s a skill, that’s a fact.

What’s yours ?

Find me if in your favor.

Be assured that knowledge and enjoyment of activity will greatly increase your chances of success!

2 — Invest in knowledge

Yes, the character felt that she did not have to study and go to college.

Well, maybe you do not even need a college course to undertake , but you can be sure that without knowledge you will not go anywhere.

Sophia herself ran behind to understand her market.

So, never stop updating and learning , whether with a college, an online course or articles and e-books from the internet !

After all, everything can change from night to day and you should always be prepared.

3 — Persist

Things can go wrong, which is very common, especially in a first venture, but that does not mean that you are not good.

See what happened to Sophia Amoruso .

She took food from the trash and soon after built a true fashion empire.

If you make a mistake, learn from the error and try again!

You can be sure that the next you will be much more mature and savvy.

Girlboss is really a comic series , but she also has a lot to teach us about entrepreneurship!

Presleyson Lima —