House of Cards: How to articulate strategies and make the right partnerships in your business?

House of Cards is an original Netflix series that has already given a lot to talk about.

Maybe it’s because it’s one of the biggest hits on television, either because it’s Barack Obama’s favorite or even because of scandals involving lead actor Kevin Spacey.

Anyway, the fact is that the program is really well produced, has a breathtaking cast and also shows a lot of situations that we can apply in our companies.

Want to know more about this?

So read the next few lines and see with House of Cards can be a beautiful one for the business!

About House of Cards

House of Cards is an original Netflix series that had its debut on February 1, 2013 and already has 6 seasons.

Starring Kevin Spacey, who plays Congressman Frank Underwood, and Robin Wright, as Claire, his wife, she focuses on the two characters’ constant pursuit of their goals, no matter what the cost.

Produced by David Fincher, the same as films like Seven, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Fight Club and Men Who Did not Love Women, the show has already garnered several important awards, including the Emmy for Best Dramatic Series Cast , soon in the first season, in addition to the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series for Robin Wright in 2014.

Despite its political landscape filled with greed, lust and corruption, House of Cards has much to show us about our good old entrepreneurship.

Well, before continuing, it is important to say that the purpose of this article is not to argue, but I can not fail to mention the scandals of sexual abuse against the main actor last year, which was removed from the cast and even even dead in the series (this is not a spoiler, it’s there on Google for everyone to see).

So the idea is not to boast about anyone, but rather to focus on the inspiration that the series can bring.

Because, when she was brought up, no one imagined that Spacey had this, say, rather obscure side.

Anyway, the character is really quite interesting and in fact was created with great mastery, which is independent of who interpreted it.

Good, but let’s get back to what matters?

Frank Underwood manipulates, minds and even kills, but his tricks are so well crafted that viewers even end up hoping for them to work out right.

The interpreter even speaks directly to the camera in a few moments, which causes an even greater approximation to him.

Claire, his wife and accomplice, is also quite intriguing.

It all begins when Frank loses the opportunity to hold the position of Secretary of State and begins an unscrupulous campaign with the intention of overthrow those who have harmed him.

But despite the pair of characters having questionable characters, no other character is a “flower to be smelled,” such as ambitious reporter Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), alcoholic congressman Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) and chief of staff Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly).

The series is so popular that it even has former US President Barack Obama as one of his biggest fans.

He has already stated that he would like some things in the White House to work just as well as on the show “This guy’s getting a lot done,” Obama once joked.

How can this Netflix series inspire us in business?

Let’s now understand how the Netflix series can inspire us in business?

Check out some interesting tips!

1 — Be an Anti-Frail

You know what’s anti-frail?

Well, at first it’s the title of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Anti-Failure: Things That Benefit From Chaos.

Basically, the author talks about dealing with difficult situations as important learning.

They should make us stronger instead of weakening us, simple as that.
That’s exactly what Frank Underwood does.

One of his phrases, even, is quite emphatic in that sense: “There are two types of pain: the pain that makes you stronger and the pain useless, which reduces suffering … I have no patience for worthlessness.”

Therefore, in the face of a failure or a difficulty, inevitable situations in the life of an entrepreneur, learn and become even stronger!

2 — Change

Do not like your current situation? Change it!

Are you failing to make money? Create smart strategies!

Would you like to innovate? Innovate!

Change, change, and change again, but never fall into the sameness or comfort zone.

All this may even bring some peace of mind on the spot, but never forget that the competition is not standing still.

And that’s where she gets you, literally!

3 — Strive

You know that story that says you’re not going anywhere without effort?
Unfortunately (or fortunately), it is true!

Tallis Gomes, from Easy Taxi, went on to spend sleepless nights, eating miojo for months and even losing the bride in an attempt to leverage her company.

But by 2015, when it was sold, it was worth a billion reais.

No, no one is saying that you have to lose the bride or the husband or go sleepless, but rather that the effort is the basis of any business.

You can plan your time and have many moments of leisure, but you have to make sure that your company happens and grows.

Frank even said in an episode “We’ll have many nights like this, making plans and sleeping little.”

Despite his bad temper, we can not forget that the character was extremely persistent and that he really wanted to achieve success.

That’s exactly what you need to do, but right, of course, in pursuit of the best for your business!

4 — Make successful partnerships

In addition to the strong alliance between Frank and Claire, they made important partnerships throughout the series.

Some were more lasting and some less so, but the goal was always the same: influence and good relationships to achieve their goals.

Do the same with customers, suppliers, investors and even with professionals from other companies who can somehow benefit you.

The important thing is to achieve your goals!

Did you like to know some tips (in the series have many others) of entrepreneurship present in House of Cards?

They are indeed very valuable!

Presleyson Lima —