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Mr. Robot is or is not one of the best series of information security?

Mr. Robot is a TV series full of technology and suspense that has made fans all over the world.

Filled with cinematic scenes completely out of the ordinary, it instigates the viewer and offers a plot beyond electrifying.

But the series is also a great opportunity to reflect on how far technology can impact us.

Is your information even as safe as you think it is?

Is it possible for a somewhat innovative, smart and sensitive hacker to have access to them?

Well, I know I’m leaving you with the flea behind your ear.

To get a chance to think a bit more about all this, read the article and enjoy the intriguing information about Mr. Robot!

What is Mr. Robot?

Mr. Robot is a television series from the Channel USA Network created by Sam Esmail, a screenwriter, producer and director of Egyptian-American television and film.

In it, Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek, who has given us the happiness of recently incorporating no one else but Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, is a hacker and cybersecurity engineer who suffers from depression and social anxiety disorder.

Acting as an information security specialist during the day and as a vigilante hacker at night, he finds himself at a crossroads when the leader of a mysterious group of hackers calls him to destroy a company he believes is willing to control the world.

Motivated by his particular beliefs, Elliot starts to fight against the organization while pretending to protect it.

Mr. Robot has appeared in Brazil for the Space channel on closed TV and for Rede Record in the open. With several critical acclaims, in addition to nominations and awards, including the Golden Globe best drama series.

Unfortunately, his fourth and final season is scheduled for 2019.

Despite this, the plot will surely go down in history, after all, it has cinematographic visual images, full of unusual frames and completely out of the rules, and characters in the corner of the screen or filmed from the bottom up.

It is for these tricks, in addition to its engaging history, that Mr. Robot has won faithful viewers around the world!

What to learn from Mr. Robot?

There’s a lot (a lot of things) that Mr. Robot can teach us.

Check out!

1 — Do not expose yourself too much in social media

In the Mr. Robot series, Elliot makes use of social networks to understand and study the profiles of his victims.

Basically, he bets on personal information, such as favorite books, bands, movies and music, to try to identify their passwords.

2 — Have Emotional Intelligence

Despite being a beast in technology and able to hack into even the most secure information, Elliot goes beyond to get what he needs.


Their focus is often on social engineering attacks, which in addition to compromising the emotional stability of the victim, still completely sticks to the technological protection used.

3 — Create strong passwords

Yes, every time we need to create a new password on the internet we feel a real sluggishness due to the huge and diverse amount of characters requested.

And then, how to remember all this?

But these passwords really make the difference in getting rid of hackers.

To give you an idea, Elliot invaded several pages because of the choices of extremely weak passwords made by their victims.

4 — Take care of your cell phone

Elliot has the ability to borrow a cell phone to make a call, call his own handset to record the number, and thus hack a huge amount of information.

With another character who neglects the device the work works in another way.

Elliot replaces the memory card, installs malware, and then swaps it even before the boy returns.

Did you like to know more about Mr. Robot ?

Extremely well produced and with a plot that involves a lot of technology, it is a great entertainment option and offers some tips to take good care of our information in the digital era.

I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs get results in their business through information security, talk to me now.




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Presleyson Lima

I help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs get results in their business through information security, talk to me now.