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Ozark: the Netflix series that deals with management and trading

Ozark is a Netflix series as unusual as Breaking Bad.

In fact, both have been fairly compared.

Basically, the protagonist Marty Byrde is a finance planner in a company that actually aims to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.

But when the cartel discovers that Marty’s associate was stealing, the main character attempts to save his life and that of his family at any cost, pledging to wash $ 500 million for the cartel in the Lake Ozark region.

That’s where the plot begins.

And as unbelievable as it sounds, it shows all of Marty’s entrepreneurial skills, which finds a creative solution to getting out of the problem, using her financial expertise and emotional intelligence to solve the situation.

Cool huh?

And now you want to know more about Ozark?

So check out this article!

About Ozark

Ozark is an American television series that mixes drama and suspense genres in one fell swoop.

It was created by Bill Dubuque, a writer who has written such films as The Accountant, The Family Man and The Judge, and produced by Media Rights Capital.

Starring Jason Bateman, known for comedies such as “I Want to Kill My Boss,” “I Wanted to Have Your Life,” and “A Thief Without Limits,” and who also directed the first two and the last two episodes of the first season, it was released on July 21, 2017 on Netflix and has simply pumped in audience.

In the plot, Bateman is Marty Byrde, a finance planner married to the housewife (who later becomes real estate agent) Wendy Byrde, played by the excellent Laura Linney, the same as “The Show of Truman”, the classic “The Two Faces of a Crime “,” The Exorcism of Emily Rose “, among others.

It turns out that the company in which you work with a partner has the purpose, actually, of laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel.

And when the cartel discovers that the partner was stealing money, Marty tries at any cost to save his life and that of his family, pledging to wash $ 500 million for the cartel in the Lake Ozark region (hence the name of the series) .

From that moment, a climate of tension and anguish begins around the “traditional” American family.

Well, the series is already in its third season and despite the criticisms due to the proximity to Breaking Bad (say it’s more of the same), Ozark has made several fans worldwide!

What does Ozark have to do with entrepreneurship?

Let us now understand why Ozark has everything to do with entrepreneurship?

Well, Marty and his family were just running the risk of death, right?

So he urgently needed an unusual and creative solution to get out of this situation.

For this, the protagonist uses all his intelligence and his spectacular knowledge in finances to wash money of the cartel in a region little populous and with almost no profitable enterprise.

To help her husband in the wash, the wife, also entrepreneurial, finds a solution with the work of real estate broker.

Thus, the couple that is dealing with various personal problems because of the unfavorable situation in which they are, seeks to separate them from business by putting the differences aside for success at work.

In the series, you can still see Marty’s diverse entrepreneurial skills popping up all the time.

That’s it!

He had goals and objectives, planned his actions thoroughly, thought about creative outlets in the face of difficulties, and was calm and balanced, and a little cold when necessary.

What can we learn from this Netflix series?

Obviously Marty dug his own grave when he decided to launder money instead of living with dignity.

In any case, we must consider that he was really a good entrepreneur.

But after all, what can we learn from the Netflix series?

- Finding a creative solution to getting out of a problem.
- Calling the right partner to the business and seeking to focus on work rather than personal differences.
- To use their knowledge and skills to start a business.
- To have emotional intelligence and even a certain coldness to deal with adversity.
- Negotiating possible alternatives.
- To manage not only the business with mastery, but also the situations of conflict.

In this article I’ve cited just a few examples of Marty’s abilities, but you can see many others watching Ozark.

Worth it!




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