Prospects for the Brazilian economy and for entrepreneurship in 2019

The time has come to talk about a very important issue: the Brazilian economy.

Calmly, this post is not about politics, but simply about the economic outlook for 2019.

The idea is for them to help us understand whether or not the scenario is favorable to our business and whether we should take bold or conservative action.

And although there is no exact account and a scientific proof when talking about economics, it is possible to have a good forecast.

At least several economists have done or are doing their analysis.

In this article, you will understand better not only about the prospects for the Brazilian economy in 2019, but also about our dear entrepreneurship.

Let’s read?

The Brazilian economy in 2019

It seems that the financial market is optimistic with the possibility of growth of the Brazilian economy for that year.

The Bulletin Focus, a weekly publication that gathers the forecasts of more than 100 analysts by the Central Bank, announced on January 14, 2019 the estimate of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which increased from 2.53% to 2.57% .

The Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA), which calculates inflation, went from 4.02% to 4.03%, according to the same source.

This percentage is even below the center of the target set by the bank, which is 4.25%.

To improve, the experts estimate is that in 2020 the economy grows 2.5% and inflation is 4%.

By 2021, in turn, GDP growth should be 2.5% with inflation of 3.75%.

The entrepreneurship in 2019

Considering the positive scenario shown in the previous topic, it is easier to have an idea of ​​the entrepreneurship forecasts for 2019 as well.

After all, growth opportunities provide greater security for consumers to buy products and services and also for investors to see opportunities for partnerships.

This situation warms the economy, which causes entrepreneurs to start betting on new business or the development of the current ones.

Yes, 2018 was the year of great adversities, such as elections, corruption, uncertainty and investor disbelief.

Obviously, the context paralyzed some business owners.

But it seems like things are starting to get in the way.

At least that is what shows the data of the Expectation for the economy and for the company, made in 2018 by Sebrae.

She pointed out that 7 out of 10 small entrepreneurs believe 2019 will be best for business.

Held between August and October of last year, it was made with more than 5.8 thousand businessmen, who made clear the optimism for the coming months.

To give you an idea, 30% of small and micro companies believe that corruption was one of the problems that most hurt their companies.

Factor that was in front of the unemployment, of the rate of interest and of the recession.

46% of them, including, believe that 2018 was the worst year.

However, 67% are optimistic about what they start. Only 9.9% are pessimistic.

With regard to strategies for 2019, 67%, especially those in the North and Northeast and in the commercial segment, intend to adopt actions to stimulate sales.

One of the main ones, signaled by 38.5%, refers to advertising and marketing.

The increase in the variety of products offered to customers was cited by 26.9%.

Essential for Brazil’s economic development, small businesses are expected to gain strength in 2019 thanks to experts’ optimism about the Brazilian economy.

Well, we’ll have to wait for scenes from the next chapters.

Either way, it’s worth evaluating the possibilities related to opening up your business or growing it.

Presleyson Lima —