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Selina Meyer from the Veep Series and her totally out-of-the-box leadership

Veep is one of the funniest television series, mainly due to the performance of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays the protagonist Selina Meyer.

You will come across a comic US vice president far more concerned with holding her office than helping the country.

And then comes a critique of the incompetence and corruption present in some areas of the US government, which ultimately culminates in a great difficulty in achieving goals.

But why watch this series?

To have a good laugh with the winner of 5 Emmys followed by best comedy actress, of course, but also to see how important your determination is to ensuring your goal.

In the next few lines, learn a little more about Veep and these striking features of hilarious Selina Meyer.

About Veep

Veep is a very funny American HBO series, mainly due to the presence of well-known comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays the protagonist Selina Meyer.

Don’t you remember her?

It’s the eternal Elaine Benes of famous and veteran Seinfield.

With 7 seasons, the last one even released in May 2019, Veep revolves around the daily life of US Vice President Selina Meyer.

The program, which is a parody of American politics, begins with the former senator occupying the post of vice president and finding that the job was nothing what she expected.

In the plot, Selina and her aides learn (perhaps not so much) to deal with the power of office, but also to escape the shadow of the president.

Interestingly enough, it shows openly the incompetence and corruption present in some areas of the US government, which obviously culminates in the difficulty of achieving goals.

But to your surprise you will see Selina much more trying to get around a difficult situation and avoid a misunderstanding than actually helping the country.

And all of this in a totally sarcastic way and full of gaffes, insults, and satire of the political news that comes out in the papers.

Critically acclaimed and successful in audiences, Veep earned Julia 10 Emmy nominations for her production and performance, and 7 awards including 5 in a row for Best Actress in a Comedy Series.

How to get good references from Selina Meyer, from Veep?

Although Selina Meyer is not the best reference for a leader or entrepreneur, her determination to stay in office and achieve whatever the cost of US President’s job is really off the curve.

See some thoughts:

1 — Defend your point of view

Despite her clumsiness and insecurities, Veep’s Selina Meyer has a very positive trait: she knows how to defend her point of view.

How do we carry this into our professional life?

Believing and defending our ideas, as long as they are possible and related to some gain for our client.

It is also important to take the next step to get them done and of course bring the expected results.

And remember, if you believe in your project and know how to sell it intelligently, the chances of it being bought or accepted are much greater.

2 — Have determination

Selina Meyer wants to stay in charge at any cost and for that she creates some funny strategies. The girl also bets on the good relationship with other politicians.

Despite the comic situations of the character, which serve more to laugh than learn, it is a fact that determination is its great differential.

How can we use assertive strategies and actions to maintain our business or leadership?

Certainly with clever ideas and satisfying results!

3 — Seek Growth

Selina aims to occupy the highest office in the world: that of President of the United States.

And in the series this quest is portrayed in an extremely hilarious way.

But take a moment to think about how important is our constant journey towards professional growth or our business.

And it’s not just about making more money, it’s also about gaining satisfaction and motivation.

This is why we need to challenge ourselves and pursue ever more intelligent and assertive strategies for even greater results.

Other than the fact that we stand still is not strategic at all.

Remember that innovations keep happening, and a host of business people and professionals who are attitude-minded are getting their hands dirty every day.

And of course, those who stand still can hardly keep their business or job.

Veep is one of the funniest television series.

And the hilarious protagonist, Selina Meyer, is somewhat clumsy, but also quite determined in her goals!

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