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Sustainable startup: know some examples and get inspired

Nowadays, the appeal for the preservation of the environment remains at the top of the list of priorities of a sustainable startup, which stands out more and more in the market.

After all, being aware that the responsible use of natural resources must incorporate all business operations is a milestone for a startup to have a growing and profitable life cycle.

Do you, who are engaged in new technologies and environmental causes, know how to implement sustainable actions in your company?

Know that they help a lot in saving expenses and reducing the environmental impact.

And believe me, it’s less complicated than it looks!

Let’s assume that being sustainable means being more efficient, that is, using fewer resources, less pollutants and being more renewable, for productivity to flow better.

The conscious use of water and electricity, the use of solar energy, the reduction in the use of disposables, the reduction of waste, and the encouragement of recycling practices, are some of these actions.

Relatively simple, right?

Now the best: being a sustainable startup indicates great value in the eyes of customers looking for a more livable world for the next generations.

Do you want to meet some successful companies that adopt this business model?

So get inspired with the following information!

Examples of sustainable startup

A sustainable startup reflects the importance of technological innovation and sustainability in business.

There are already several examples of it, outside and inside Brazil.

● Eco2 Distrib

The French sustainable startup innovated in bulk liquid distribution by producing a refill vending machine inside supermarkets.

Its business strategy is to change consumption patterns by reusing packaging for liquid products.

● Green Silo

In Brazil there is a growing demand for sustainable startup, and this proves the award of the startup Silo Verde in its silo (structure destined for the storage of agricultural products) made with recycled PET packaging.

● Recycle Club

Another example of a sustainable startup is Recicla Club, whose main mission is to create a world without waste.

To this end, it provides waste management and solutions for companies with the guarantee of their traceability from generation to transport and destination, optimizing processes.

● Kemia

Kemia is another sustainable startup from Santa Catarina that works with water treatment and all types of liquid waste, whether from companies or residents.

The business treats these effluents so that they return to the environment or for their reuse, correctly, always paying attention to environmental legislation and differentiated technologies.


Were you motivated to be introduced to this world of sustainable startup with innovative solutions?

Advantages of becoming a sustainable startup

If you want to start putting these initiatives into practice in your project, you cannot leave out the advantages of becoming a sustainable startup.

1. Recognition

Joining the sustainable startup influences the recognition of organizations and populations that are concerned with eco sustainable issues in the corporate environment and in society.

In addition, of course, to improve the company’s image by transmitting credibility, notoriety and commitment.

2. Be profitable and economical

The sustainable startup profits when it sparingly uses natural resources and makes the quality of life of its employees, suppliers and consumers viable by reducing expenses.

3. Expansion

To grow faster and with less resources, a sustainable startup requires all possible efforts, adaptations and flexibilities.

But it is very worth it for your valuable offers!

See, entrepreneur?

This sustainable development footprint is bringing to the fore a new call for the capacity of sustainable startup.

If today it is still a differential, in a very short time it will become a prerequisite.



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