The business: innovation, management and marketing are the high points of the controversial HBO series

The Business is a rather controversial HBO series .

That’s because she tells how three luxury prostitutes succeeded in the profession making use of a technique known to all of us: marketing.

In this article, you will learn a little more about the series and also about the important reflections it can bring about in relation to our companies.

The idea is not to enter into the merit of right or wrong, but in the various strategies that the TV show presents us.

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What Is The Business?

The Business is a national HBO channel series replete with marketing and entrepreneurship .

Starring Rafaela Mandelli, Laura of My name is not Johnny , Juliana Schalch, who also participated in Federal Police — The law is for everyone , and Michelle Batista, part of the cast of the novel The Rich and Lazarus , she was considered somewhat controversial by the more conservative.

That’s because the TV show deals with the story of three luxury prostitutes, Karin, Luna and Magali, who had no prospect of evolving in this business, until they finally identified what was missing for the job to thrive: marketing strategies.

Thus, they transform the world’s oldest profession into a veritable empire of luxury prostitution.

With a lot of autonomy, strength and courage, the characters become infallible entrepreneurs and in fact guarantee a successful project.

To make this even more interesting, the series moves to more conservative standards by making it clear that the girls simply chose the profession.

So it is not a necessity or a survival.

Well, regardless of opinions, customs and values, the fact is that Business has much to teach us about entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation in our companies.

With 4 seasons, it passes in 50 countries and simply pumps in audience around the world.

What lessons does the Business series bring to the entrepreneur?

Let us now know the main lessons that Business can bring us as entrepreneurs?

1 — No matter what your niche, you have to go up

Before the series, I think almost nobody thought of prostitution as a business, did I?

And we are not here to discuss this, but the fact is that there are quite different projects out there.

Maybe yours is one of them.

What I mean by this?

That does not matter much what is the niche of your company.

As long as it is not illegal, if you solve customer problems, you have to go all out to make your project happen and to make a profit.

2 — Marketing is essential

In the series The Business, the protagonists use the marketing to thrive in the profession.

And it works so well, that they create a true empire of prostitution.

What is the lesson?

Without marketing your business will hardly get anywhere.

Other than that, in fact he is one of the great responsible for the success of many projects.

So when done right, the results can be really amazing.

3 — Make choices with purpose rather than necessity

In the series, the protagonists decide to enter the profession not because of a necessity, but because in fact they made that choice .

They really bet on the deal and figured out ways to make it thrive.

Considering this point, my tip is that you never choose to open a company for the sake of survival, but rather because you like and believe in it.

This simple decision will be fundamental for you to do the job with pleasure, to bet on it and to perform assertive actions.

Although controversial, The Business series has much to teach us about the importance of marketing in our business.

If you have not already, watch and enjoy!

Presleyson Lima —