The Profit: Get to know the most profitable reality show in the world

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The Profit is a television show that works more as a reality show than as a series.

It shows the reality of some American companies whose owners are going through difficulties, whether related to profit, planning or management.

This is where Marcus Lemonis comes in, a very experienced businessman who offers a differentiated help to solve the problem of these businesses.

But the most interesting are its promising and strategic ideas, which in fact make any company completely change course to achieve success.

And each of these stories is actually a great inspiration to entrepreneurs who go through the same situation and often do not know what to do to solve them.

Cool huh?

If you want to know more about The Member, stay here and read this text!

What is The Member?
The Profit is a History Channel program starring Marcus Lemonis, owner of multi-billion dollar Camping World.

He was inspired by the entrepreneur’s own story, which in his free time wasted no time: He went out looking for companies whose owners had the rope around their necks and needed money and a good deal.

In this game, Lemonis guaranteed the resumption of more than 100 projects.

And just as important that has been the endeavor, she turned out to be become a television series.

In The Profit, each episode, the entrepreneur offers companies an irrefutable offer: Your money in exchange for a part of the business and a percentage of profits.

But not only that.

Lemonis actively participates and proposes a series of strategies that really solve problems.

The idea is to save the business and make it profitable, even if that requires extreme intervention, such as a layoff, a promotion or even putting your hand in the dough.

And he’s done it several times, believe me!

But do not think that convincing these entrepreneurs is something simple.

Many are on the defensive and even cause problems because of Marcus’ interventions.

But in the end, the motto is to pick up or drop off.

Whoever wants to see the company grows leaves the ego aside and leaves for a truly promising partnership with the billionaire.

Meet some success stories of companies that participated in The Profit

Let us now know some cases of companies that worked well after participating in the program The Member?

Maybe you identify with some of them.

Check out!

1 — Key West Key Lime Pie

Key West Key Lime Pie is a torteria that sits in Florida.

Its recipes, full of natural ingredients, received several awards, which meant that it guaranteed good sales.

All this before the performance of Marcus Lemonis.

Except that the profit was below expectations.

What the entrepreneur did was help the team balance the cashier.

2 — Floriculture Jacob Maarse

This is the main florist in Southern California.

But after its founder died in 2010, the company began to struggle to profit.

Marcus Lemonis then left for another mission: to ensure that the business reaches the previous level.

But the great challenge was even to convince the heir of the deceased to meet the changes, since the young man is quite resistant.

3 — Blue Jeans Bar

The Blue Jeans Bar is a New Orleans boutique that has had some problems due to lack of inventory.

As the network expanded rapidly, spare parts could not keep pace.

And despite having already had 13 stores in the United States, when Marcus Lemonis took over the project, she was only 3 open because of mismanagement.

The entrepreneur helped the owner of the brand to adapt his idea to the company and also to pay the debts.

The Member is one of the most inspiring TV series.

It’s worth watching.

Who knows, some of these stories help your business grow and grow!

Presleyson Lima —