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Feb 14 · 3 min read

Undercover Boss is a very interesting American reality show.

In it, business owners disguise themselves and pass themselves off as employees to understand the more operational processes of the business.

And you can be sure that some very interesting discoveries are beginning to be made.


They identify problems in the processes, demotivation of employees, difficulties in customer service and much more.

All of this, however complicated it may seem, is actually a great opportunity for improvement for these companies.

In this article, you will learn more about the Undercover Boss series and will understand how being present with the team that acts with the most operational tasks is so essential.

Follow the reading and enjoy!

About the Undercover Boss series

Undercover Boss, here called Chief Spy, is an American reality show that attracts entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world.

Basically, it shows owners and presidents of large American companies who disguise themselves as corporate employees.

The idea is to witness and experience the reality of who does the operational part of the work.

In addition to effectively understanding the day-to-day lives of these people, they have greater ownership of employee difficulties, organizational problems, unexpected demands, customer requests and needs, and more.

Thus, it is possible to take strategic actions to solve adversities and improve processes and results.

In the end, some programs enabled managers to identify small shortcomings that made a big difference in the indicators.

In others, they realized how hard-working and very efficient some employees are to the point of taking them to more strategic positions.

Thus, some very smart promotions came to fruition.

Created by Stephen Lambert, Undercover Boss started the first episode on February 7, 2010 and has 8 seasons.

Its original broadcaster is CBS, but in Brazil you can watch the paid FOX channel.

Why do you need to be inspired by the Spy Chief and watch your company’s operations?

That name, spy boss, as the series is called here, really came in handy.

And the owners of these companies are real spies themselves, because they appear in disguises that leave them practically unrecognizable.

But do you know why this is important?

Because no employee can perceive their true identities.

Therefore, employees work as they normally do and end up giving a gift to their bosses: solving some (or many) company problems!

And they not only see many opportunities for business improvement, but also realize many skills in those employees.

And it all impacts on the customer experience, believe me!

But does it take a cover to get to know the work of your employees?


Only you must be present.

It is necessary to understand in detail (yes, in detail) how they act, how the demands work and how things are structured.

You can be sure that something seemingly simple can make all the difference!

And these people will still be extremely motivated when they realize their interest in their work.

Go to your team, talk, understand how the assignments are, and be very attentive.

Talk less and listen more, that’s the motto.

That’s how great opportunities are perceived, you bet!

Undercover Boss is really one of the best series for entrepreneurs.

This is because it shows the active participation of the owners of the companies with the employees, facilitating the understanding of the processes.

Yes, this close presence of employees is essential.

Ultimately, it promotes some good improvement opportunities, both in the customer experience and in the results.



Startups, Liderança, Gestão, Negócios, Marketing, Empreendedorismo e Inovação.

Presleyson Lima

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Startups, Liderança, Gestão, Negócios, Marketing, Empreendedorismo e Inovação.

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