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What does the film Oxygen reveal about self-leadership and overcoming?

Want to know how the movie Oxygen makes the leading power that exists within you come to the fore?

Every leadership to be effective requires voice of command, discernment, motivation and a good dose of urgency, from planning to meeting goals and deadlines that a team can desempenta.

In this case, developing this capability goes far beyond simply delegate tasks to the team: it involves achieving real results based on clarity of purpose and mutual cooperation for common goals.

Logo, transparent communication can not miss, as well as professional interaction in an organizational, functional and optimistic work climate.

Especially when it comes to exercising and promoting self-leadership, with a notion of self-cause,your scoverings, achievements and limitations, as a mental trigger issue for better decision making.

And what does this feature film have in common with you, whether it’s a manager of people in a company or your own business?

Everything, after all behind ‘Oxigenio’’ there is a story of self-leadership and overcoming to tell, which can be yours, mine and many other successful leaders.

In the next few lines you will stay on top of this breathtaking plot, its challenges, lessons and steps that exig intoo much self-knowledge.

Value every second of your breath

“Oxygen,” Netflix’s new science fiction debuted in May 2021, chronicles Elisabeth Hansen’s drama, which abruptly wakes up inside a cryogenic capsule.

Interpreted by Mélanie Laurent’s brilliant performance, the protagonist lives her confined trajectory and without memory, in search of memories and ways to rescue her identity and find out how and why she ended up there, to survive.

Detail: 35% of oxygen dispoable in countdown is all the time she has to understand how the high technology of the camera works and at the limit of its sanity and heartbeat, find a way out.

Resonating only with an artificial intelligence system calledMILO, in the perfect characterization of Mathieu Amalric’svoice, the enigma of Elisabeth’s existence, familiarly known as Liz, is being challenged.

And what is expected of an out-of-the-ordinary conversation with MILO?

See, we’re portraying absurd levels of adrenaline, wear and stress in the face of the prospect of suffocationdeath.

So it’s not enough to be in front of a super advanced machine to enjoy its great and fast obtaining of relevant information, activity automation and process replicability.

If actions are not worked by painful self-control and measures with surgical precision in key questions and stimuli, there are fewer opportunities to escape danger and other difficulties.

It is not worth mentioning spoiler of the French suspense, but no chance of leaving out the parallel of the script dand Christie Leblanc about the lack of oxygen of the character, with the reality of many hospitals in Brazil and the world during the pandemic and the crucial role of effective leadership.

It’s also hard not to connect the dots of Alexandre Aja’s impressive direction, which captures every twistof the narrative almost in real time, giving the impression that we share the anguish of confinement, from the corrid toagainst the clock and the uncertain future together.

This is where the contribution of the film Oxygen to the universe of overcoming comes in: filmed in France in the summer of 2020, at the apex of the coronavirus pandemic, it clearly reflects all the global losses and concerns.

Choose again

In “Oxygen”, conducting oneself is a matter of survival that begs for realistic vision, determination and courage.

Therefore, self-leadership runs through the awareness that enables people to direct theminto theirthoughts, feelings and actions.

Just as Liz Hansen was forced to do while cloistered, spiky and connected to wires in the borderline space of the cryogenic capsule: determine her choices and consequently herresults.

If choices, as a reflection of the inner world, are strengthened by self-knowledge;

Understanding the reason for the main character’s struggle to find out who he is, his place in the sun and exceeding all expectations becomesinevitable.

Now check out the following “Oxygen” lessons to strengthen your self-leadership:


The production “Oxygen” reveals that in the face of the greatest pain of his life, of seeing his muscles and joints practically immobilized and the possibility of asphyxiation, there is no time for wars, resistance stouts and lamentations, much less to give up.

And what is the heroine’s focus on the film?

Live! And at all times strengthen the presence of the here and now, creating means to recover the reins of the situation and again choose to live.

What could be more essential than that?

It recalls what I wrote there at the beginning of “Oxygen”, about the ability of leadership, about tracing a common goal and going beyond what is visible and limited to the eyes of others, to achieve it.


During the “Oxygen” show, what makes Liz exercise her power of authority?

His ability to adapt in the face of countless sufferings, challenges and overcoming, is certainly one of the answers.

She proved in the drama Oxygen, even in terrible and unfavorable circumstances, that life can give us great resources if we are able todream, believe and work hard.


According to “Oxygen”, daring is one of the ingredients conducive to true transformations.

In the story, the woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown uses the trigger of anger, to provoke feriment and shocks in herself and throughphysical pain access memory fragments and gradually go riding the puzzle to save herself.

Yes, or a bold event or nothing! For the plot of “Oxygen” who does not take risks, does not have a second chance!


Innovation is what is not lacking in “Oxygen” to sustain such an ordeal of the protagonist.

On the one hand, if every moment that passes your air is threatened, on the other, your mind is trained not to stop, instigated by science and technology, touch screenpanel, research,unknown gnitasandurgency.

Do you see another command qualification here?

I’ve invested in ideas and solutions that will really make a difference to your audience’s pain.

The success of your venture is tied to the positive impact that an innovation can cause, and with the film Oxygen would be no different.

Given this, we will reveal 5 important steps inspired by the Oxygen trailer to contribute to your self-leadership practice.

1 — Increase your self-knowledge. What’s your purpose in life?

2 — Step up the habit of focusing on solving the problems that have arisen, creating threepossible solutions.

3 — Broad vision: what are your main personal and professional goals to be achieved in one, five and ten years?

4 — Organize and strengthen your networking. “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go well accompanied” (African Proverb).

5 — Establish what success means to you, convert those answers into goals, and give your best.

Starting this analysis and transforming this content referring to the long Oxygen into practice, probably newresults will already begin to flow in the direction of its delivery.

“Oxygen” teaches a lot about self-leadership and overcoming and how to develop your potential.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll run to see why it’s worth a lot to your life and career.



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