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Why is green entrepreneurship the bet of some companies?

In green entrepreneurship you offer customers products and services that preserve the environment, a very interesting business strategy.

After all, in an increasingly sustainable world, in which people seek to help the ecosystem to have more quality of life, it is obvious that it is a very sure bet.

With the strategy, businesses are able to help living beings, plants, trees, animals, air and climate, in addition to guaranteeing authority in the market and also good revenue.

To understand a little more about the reasons that make companies join green entrepreneurship, continue here and enjoy the information in this article.

What is green entrepreneurship?

Green entrepreneurship is related to any action taken by a company to preserve the environment.

But this is not just a sustainability action, but sustainable products and services that the organization offers to its customers.

Therefore, green entrepreneurship is totally focused on a business model.

Why are there several businesses related to green entrepreneurship?

Green entrepreneurship is, in fact, a gamble of many companies.

In this way they preserve the ecosystem, become well regarded by the public and guarantee several good loyal customers.

According to a survey conducted in 2019 by the Sebrae Sustainability Center, entrepreneurs who decide to use the strategy envision doing good for the environment, complying with legislation, but also guaranteeing results with marketing and advertising and reducing costs.

Shall we better understand some of these reasons?

1 — Increase revenue

Green entrepreneurship is a sure bet for increasing the turnover of several companies, which become attractive with their innovative products in favor of the environment.

And it is clear that these items attract the attention of consumers, who are increasingly focused on the search for a better world to live.

Let’s take a practical example?

JAN PRO, a leader in environmental cleaning and conservation in the United States, manufactures 100% sustainable cleaning items.

Cloths, for example, are made of microfiber that absorb more water and have a longer useful life compared to those offered by other companies.

It also has adapted floor mops that provide increased productivity for those who clean.

Finally, its chemicals are made with organic material and are fully biodegradable.

For you to have an idea of ​​numbers, at the beginning of the year the chain informed that the requests for disinfection and cleaning services increased 300% in Brazil, according to an article by Franquia Press.

Thus, the company sold 11 brand franchises in April alone, 4 in São Paulo, 3 in Rio de Janeiro, 1 in Campinas, 1 in Belo Horizonte, 1 in Porto Alegre and 1 in Goiânia.

2 — Gain authority

The gain of authority is practically guaranteed when we talk about green entrepreneurship.

According to a survey conducted by Union + Webster, released by Agência Sistema Fiesp in February 2019, 87% of Brazilians prefer to purchase services and products from sustainable companies.

In fact, according to the same source, 70% of respondents mentioned that they don’t mind paying a little more for it.

This is where the authority of companies focused on green entrepreneurship resides.

Its products and services, by themselves, are preferred by most people.
This means that a small investment in marketing may already be enough for these brands to be quickly recognized in the market.

Green entrepreneurship is the bet of many companies for several reasons.
Among them are doing good for the environment and guaranteeing results with marketing and advertising.



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