Press Play: The Remix

Nifemi Aluko
Sep 2, 2020 · 2 min read

Back in the 90’s and 2000’s when remixes were a big thing, I couldn't wait to hear the new features, verses, and remixed choruses of some of my favorite songs.

Press Play on my bookshelf

Only a few remixes were as good as the original but they were still worth listening to.

When I published my first book — PRESS PLAY — in April 2020, I went on a journey to publish one medium article per week to get snippets of the full message to my book to a new audience.

I found it interesting that by mixing and mashing up certain chapter and sub-chapters from the book I could develop a fresh outlook on the ideas in the book without it losing its core message.

The core message being that music can radically galvanize empowerment and collaboration at a global scale to disrupt some of the biggest challenges we face in our communities.

I thought I would compile that list of medium articles into what I’ll call the “PRESS PLAY REMIX”

It’s the book — remixed and seen from a different persepective and you can read it all here by clicking on the “chapters” below.

I hope you enjoy it.


Intro — Music: The super-catalyst for change

Part 1: High-Level Issues

Part 2: On finding purpose

Part 3: “Taking-action” Toolkit

Part 4: Evolving with Music

Interested in getting the full perspective on how music can be a super catalyst for change?

Check it out in its original “un-remixed” form in my book — PRESS PLAY: Music As A Catalyst of Change

Press Play Book

Music As a Catalyst For Change