How to avoid the many tourist traps in Prague and save money

Prague is a wonderful and exciting city to visit with record numbers of tourists coming to Prague every year. Prague has many tourist traps just waiting for the clueless tourist to exploit. These traps included restaurants, taxis, tour services exchange offices and more. Here is some helpful information to avoid being ripped off and save money while visiting Prague.

1: Taxis There are many taxis in Prague and the prices will vary greatly on the service and the driver. In the old days (the 90s) taxis were a nightmare in Prague and a big rip off. Many of our clients tell us even today what they paid for a taxi transfer from the airport and sometimes it is shocking! Always go with reputable service. Many can be found online and always ask for a receipt. By law every taxi must give the customer a receipt. A transfer from the airport to you hotel should cost about 500–600 Kc and a short trip in the city should be only 150 -250 Kc. Don’t let the driver charge you 1000 Kc or more. They are hoping that you are not aware to the currency rate. To be safe always use a reputable service like Czech AAA or Prague Airport Transfers.

2: Restaurants Prague has many nice upscale incredible restaurants but it also has its many unsavory places which charge high prices for a simple Czech traditional meal and beer. A beer in a pub is 38 Kc maximum or nice micro brew or Pilsen is about 45Kc. Avoid places near tourist attractions like the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square etc. A simple Czech Goulash is about 125 Kc in an authentic Czech restaurant out of the center with beer about 28 Kc. If the beer is 90 Kc go find another restaurant.

3: Currency Exchange This is a tricky one. The first rule for any European city is to never exchange money from someone on the street or in front of your hotel or exchange office. They will likely give you either old out of date currency from some other country, banking on the fact that you don’t now what a Czech crown looks like. Know your currency a Czech 50 Kc coin looks a lot like a 20 Kc coin, so know your currency. Most restaurants shops and hotel will accept your bank card, so pay with your card is the best way. There are many exchange offices that claim no commission, but this is deceiving. They make money by inflating the rate of actual exchange. If you need to exchange currency, the best place in the city is You can even download a coupon from their web site for the best rate. They even have a security guards on duty to keep you safe.

4: Tours and Guide Services There are a plethora of guide services in Prague. Many of which charge outrageous prices for a short tour and have unqualified foreigners as their guides and some claim to be free tours. The tours are short and lead you to a point where they will try to sell you other tour offers. Nothing is Free. Prague is an extremely crowded place in the high season. A private personal guide is the best way to see Prague because you won’t be lost in the crowd and see the best sights in Prague. We recommend a personal guide service from reputable knowledgeable guides. There are plenty of foreign operated guide services that will show you Prague, but you will not get the true guide experience of feeling like a Czech local. Our advice is only go with a true Czech originated service for the best guide experience.

About the Author: Richard Schneider is a Czech/American who returned to his home country, he is a professional licensed Prague guide and founder of Prestige Prague with his wife Zaneta a native Praguer. Twitter: @Prague_Tours

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