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Yana Abramova
Apr 24, 2020 · 6 min read

Pretiosum Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm primarily focusing on the European B2B market. We invest all around Europe, while also co-investing with partners in the US. Our usual investments take place in seed and first rounds.

We believe that both talent and opportunity are abundant in Europe, accounting for 99 VC-backed unicorns at the end of 2019. Overall, $34.4 billion was invested in European tech companies in 2019 alone. And this is reflected in the number of unicorns present in Europe, which are spread across 20 countries. While the amounts invested have increased, the number of more agile and more focused VC firms has decreased.

Our team has already been an integral part of some of the most successful unicorns, and now wants to be part of the next wave of successes. We aim to be valuable partners to entrepreneurs, conveying the knowledge and knowhow that we’ve acquired through our experience. Having a deep understanding of the market, we are quick and nimble when making decisions, and are unafraid of taking risks that lead to major innovations.

When we invest in a company, it becomes a member of our #pretiosum family. We are always available to the founder — as an investor, a sounding board, or a trusted and aligned advisor. For us, the objective is to help build world class products and companies. The main areas of our value-added assistance are:

  • Deep technology advice/product feedback
  • Access to an extensive network of tech talents
  • Market research and business development
  • Introduction to large scale companies at the CEO and board level

Our main credo: we invest in companies that will fundamentally change our lives and businesses

At Pretiosum, we have already backed a number of B2B companies, which are challenging the status quo in their respective industries. helps free up your work time, optimising and avoiding regulatory hurdles to help an organisation operate more efficiently by automating repetitive processes (RPA), Synthesized assists companies with getting to know their customers and their data better, and Sum&Sub offers best-in-class software that lets you minimise costs and risks, while enabling users to access your services much more quickly.

While our main focus is B2B, there are also some B2C companies operating at the intersection of AI/Fintech and the future of Work/Life that we have funded. Finimize helps educate and support people in their personal finance choices efficiently. Rosecut automates personal wealth and provides tools that are usually available to HNWI or UHNWI to a wider audience.

At Pretiosum Ventures, we invest in some “established” verticals such as AI and Fintech, but are also exploring emerging trends such as the future of Work and Life.

Emerging Trends: the Future of Work and the Future of Life

The basic digital needs of people were addressed in previous decades via such platforms and innovations as social media, e-commerce, fintech, and initial but significant advancements in the health and AI sectors.

This ongoing technological development has meant that we now live in an era where the increasing presence of technology in our lives is taken for granted, as if it has always been there. In this context, we now need to consider more complex problems that can be solved by the appropriate, ethical and proportionate use of technology.

What is this next wave of innovation that has massive implications for everyday life?

How can we automate what can be laborious processes in life and business, enabling us to focus on creative, social and human priorities? How can we make our lives better and longer? How can we ensure that we’re generally healthier, sleep better, and are able to work more efficiently from any timezone or place in the world? How can we apply AI, not only to address our basic needs and provide rudimentary recommendations, but also to offer further innovations that enhance our everyday lives? How can we empower machines to take care of non-value added processes, providing more free time for people to learn new skills, improve ongoing education, and reduce the educational gap? How will the implementation of AI/robots help us from the B2B and B2C perspective?

Addressing questions such as these is a central part of what we do, and an integral part of our investment thesis is to back and support companies shaping the Future of Work and Life.

In 2020 the Future of Work has taken centre stage, and we have been examining this space since our inception. Clearly, we are all still learning how to WFH (Work From Home) and cope with the financial situation, automate business processes, and create different interactions and even cultures around these technological concepts. At this time, when almost everyone and everything is under lockdown, it has become clear how inefficient our current setup is, and how many things can be improved. Everything, from setting up remote teams to improving deliveries and retail supply chains, along with accessibility to online and telephone banking services could be significantly improved.

But what do we mean by the Future of Work/Life? Here are some of our concepts:

Future of Work:

Work opportunities and culture are being reimagined, but we have merely scratched the surface in terms of the impact on our society.

How can we optimise our lives in such a way that we can work from any point in the world, and not be forced to stay in the office for unnecessary periods of time? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could trust in our colleagues and develop an almost physical presence by sharing apps/screens and creating a sense of community online? We are now so used to exercising and adding new skills online, communicating with peers and work, and even having virtual parties — via online platforms. The new standard is a ‘work-life blend’; creating more efficient interactions for integrating work into the fullness of life, and increasing workplace collaboration and productivity by implementing new tools.

Businesses are adjusting to this new reality as well, and with the influence of COVID-19 more and more ‘non-essential meetings’ have been replaced, as well as some ‘essential meetings’. The world is adjusting to this approach quickly, so once the epidemic is over we shouldn’t expect the old working patterns to fully return. Work opportunities and culture are being reimagined, and COVID-19 has simply accelerated the changes required in order for remote work to become part of our daily lives on a broader scale.

Future of Life:

Technology is embedded in our lives, often to a degree where digital becomes invisible and blends with the physical world.

Regardless of the pandemic, the way many people live will dramatically change over the next few years. While basic needs have already been covered in previous decades, it is time to look at how we improve our current state of living, well-being, and health.

We seek to support companies investigating ways that we can improve our lives via the digital revolution — from life sciences to those who help redefine the customer journey, saving time and making suitable products more easily identifiable and accessible, or companies that can help automate repetitive tasks, so that we can focus on the things that really matter.


We look forward to supporting talented entrepreneurs who share our vision, in order to help them on their journey. We are enthusiastic about companies that can disrupt and challenge the status quo, and companies that are trying to solve problems which seem impossible before talent tackles them efficiently.

Some examples of companies and sectors that we look at?

  • B2B Fintech
  • Virtual teams setup
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Mental health/sleep and productivity
  • Adaptive learning and ed-tech
  • Passion economy
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Home Robotics and micro robotics
  • Digitalisation of traditional finance
  • Implementation of AI in health, life, and business sectors

P.S What’s with the Pretiosum name?

  • Pretiosum is an inflection of pretiōsus(sum) (latin): valuable, precious
  • At Pretiosum Ventures we invest in precious ideas, their founders and help them to build awesome companies
  • And we also think it’s a pretty awesome name!

To learn more about us:

Pretiosum Ventures

Pretiosum Ventures invests in world-class companies operating in the fields of AI, Fintech and future of Work/Life. Pretiosum offers tailored support to portfolio companies, with a focus on business development and providing access to a worldwide network of industry experts.

Yana Abramova

Written by

Partner @pretiosumvc, @TechNation ambassador, @cambridge_uni alum | Interested in the Future of Work space and European B2B companies.

Pretiosum Ventures

Pretiosum Ventures invests in world-class companies operating in the fields of AI, Fintech and future of Work/Life. Pretiosum offers tailored support to portfolio companies, with a focus on business development and providing access to a worldwide network of industry experts.

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