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What a pain finding the right place to publish your stories. You are tired of being locked in the social siloes and want the freedom to write on your own platform. But you want also to reach an audience rather than just talking to the wall in your personal blog!

Thank you Medium for creating a platform which is quite right for this.

Sure you don’t own the platform yet, but it’s very close. And with a great - and demanding - audience.

I decided to start my new publication around Pretotyping - no not a typo - to share news and insights on Innovation, Customer Insight, Early Market Validation, New Product Development.

The next post is about Pretotyping itself, its meaning, its pedigree and why it is relevant for New Product Development and Innovation.

Then one post per week till the end of time :D

Edit: aside of the original posts published weekly, I will often post brief comments about Pretotype-relevant articles I find here and there.

Wish me well!

Yours Leonardo, European Pretotype Agitator.

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