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Pretotype Your 10× Life

How can an Encounter 10× my Life?

Every encounter can bring an opportunity to make things happen, you just don’t know what it will bring you and what could you be able to do with it. Thing is, you can’t plan the outcome of a serendipitous encounter.

10× is the mindset of improving thing in big leaps rather than incrementally. It is the mindset of disruptive innovation. It is the mindset Google asks of all of its employees. It is the only mindset that can make you realise your potential in life rather than just watching your life flow away.

You just met a person. Think 10 ways this meeting can propel you forward at 10× speed. And the other person as well. It’s not about sucking life from them, it’s about creating value together! (in a zero-sum game, goodbye 10×)

Now Pretotype your 10 Ideas.

Make them alive even before building them.

Talk about them to the other person. “How about XYZ. How would this help you in your trajectory? Are you in to do this with me?” Don’t be afraid of proposing silly or crazy things, explore possibilities with them. Does it light a spark in them? Does it engage them? Does it activate them to action?

If not, maybe your proposal is not in their top 3 priorities. Maybe they don’t like it. Maybe they are not a 10× person like you are. Never mind. You tried and explored a possibility. You won’t regret not having tried.

What if your action DOES spark 10 more ideas and possibilities in the other person? What if your idea activates them to action?

What if it IS happening!

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Leonardo mission is to develop the potential of people and organisations around him. He uses Pretotyping to help organisations increase their innovation leverage and people uncover their entrepreneurial spirit.
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