Those in the Know and Humility in Innovation

CC0 Wyncliffe

How dangerous for innovation are those in the know?

  • It’s those who have always done it this way, why should they change?
  • It’s those who understand customers better because they’ve asked the same (wrong) questions to millions of customers.
  • It’s those who believe they understand people’s needs better, and want to guide them towards the light.
  • It’s those who embraced a revolution but don’t get its core message.

And failure rate stays at 80%.

Pretotyping is a threat to those in the know.

Pretotyping asks you to shush your beliefs and observe reality. Humbly. It does not know the answer in advance. What it does - and it’s good at - is to craft experiments to understand customers’ preferences, so that you’ll be able to focus your energies on the right it when the time comes.

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