Pretzel Weekly Update #2 — The Desktop and Interface Edition

Some folks (cough BrainTM cough) said last weeks post was too long and conversational and wanted a more “patch notes” style update.

Progress this Week

Alpha Access

  • Alpha access has now been activated for all users who had requested access when this post was published.

Music Updates

  • Our Music catalog is now sitting at 750 tracks
  • Added James Flamestar’s Catalog
  • Added more Approaching Nirvana
     — Cinematic Soundscapes Vol 1
     — Cinematic Soundscapes Vol 2
     — Lapse In Time
  • Had a great conversation with Zircon and will begin on-boarding his catalog in the coming week.
  • As always — we’re looking for recommendations for artists to add to Pretzel. Let us know!

Design Updates

  • The design we showed off last week is now implemented and released! If you have alpha access go check it out now. This is what it looks like:
Pretzel Web Player — New Design

Tech Updates

  • Volume setting now persists between sessions.
  • We added the ability to select your Audio Output device.
Pretzel Audio Output Selection

Chrome requires us to request microphone access… to be able to list audio output devices. Yeah… it’s super weird. So we do our best to warn users that we’re not trying to spy on them.

Chrome Microphone Access Request

Can you be my… horror cutie?

Desktop Player!

  • We now have Pretzel for the desktop! There are versions for Mac and Windows.

Download Now for Windows

Download Now for Mac

  • Heads up! Chrome or Windows may say PretzelDesktop.exe is a virus or untrusted. This is due to the application being so new. We anticipate these warnings will go away in a few days.
  • Now Playing can now be written to a text file, find it in the Settings Menu. (This feature doesn’t work on web)
  • We don’t anticipate needing to update the desktop app often… however for when we do we added an Auto Updater by default.

Up Next


This week we’ll be implementing search into the API, and hooking it up into the interface. This will allow users to search for any artist or song in the catalog and add those songs to their queue.

Pretzel Search View

Return of Daily Affirmations

Pretzel Daily Affirmation

We know you already miss the daily affirmations in the player… when we originally designed Pretzel, affirmations weren’t a thing. We need to retrofit the design of the player so affirmations can be added back in.

Now Playing Chat Bot

We are creating a chat broadcast bot that will announce when a new song starts from your player. Initially this chat bot will be specifically for Twitch, but we plan to expand the functionality to Beam and YouTube. This bot is completely optional.

Streamer Now Playing Pages

With the excitement of Desktop builds of the player, Now Playing pages got punted. Don’t worry they’re still coming!

See you next week!

That’s it for this week! Let us know what you think. Sign up for our alpha, follow us on Twitter, chat in our Discord. We’ll see you next week!

The Pretzel Team