Pretzel Weekly Update #20 — The “Premium Plan” Edition

What’s up Pretzel People?! Today’s post we’re going to break from our tradition and do things a little bit different. We’re going to talk about Pretzel Premium, what it’s going to include, and how much it’s going to cost.

Latest Build

The latest build of Pretzel at the time of this post is: v. 0.0.15 (181)

This means that if you haven’t refreshed your web player or restarted your desktop player in a while it may not work. A quick refresh/restart will get you up to date with the latest version.

Let’s talk about Pretzel Premium

Pretzel Rocks provides content creators with licensed music they can use in their broadcasts. In exchange, Pretzel musicians receive exposure and attribution, (chat messages, what’s playing pages) which link directly to the artists music on streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play).

However, there is a large percentage of our user base who are listening to Pretzel even when they are not streaming. But since Pretzel doesn’t have any ad based revenue, or a premium plan, this means our musicians aren’t receiving compensation for these plays, since the music is not being shared with a streamers viewers.

To help with this issue, we are introducing, Pretzel Premium.

Pretzel Premium is a subscription that is $12.99 when paid monthly, or $119.99 when paid yearly. Premium will be launching in the next few weeks.

We have some cool features in the works, exclusive for Premium subscribers:

Custom “vanity” URLs for your What’s Playing Pages
You will have the ability to select a username for use in your URL. So for example instead of — A user can have and

High Quality audio streaming
Currently by default, the music served to Pretzel is compressed to 192kbps. Premium users will have the ability to stream as high as 320kbps.

Eligible for promotional campaigns and materials
Premium users will be eligible for selection in our promotional campagins and materials. For example, streamers who are currently live, will have the option to automatically have their What’s Playing pages rotated through our Livestreamer section on the Pretzel.Rocks homepage.

Pretzel Mobile App and Early Access
We currently have working versions of Pretzel running as native apps on iOS and Android. They are functional, but are not a good user experience. In the next few months we will be giving early access to our premium subscribers.

Once the Mobile Apps are released to the public, they will also require an active subscription to use.

Mockup of the Pretzel Premium purchase page

Quick Premium Q&A

Will Pretzel Rocks no longer be free?

Our goal with Pretzel Rocks has always been to have a base set of features that were free for everyone to use. Everything in the current player (Playlists, Stations, Search, Notify, What’s Playing Pages, etc.) will remain free. There are new features that we’re planning on adding specific to Premium.

Will you accept PayPal?

Yes, the mockup currently doesn’t say PayPal, but we have every intention to support PayPal.

So, Mobile is Premium Only?

Yes, it’s the only way to make sure the artists are receiving compensation for you listening to their music. We may eventually allow free users to use the mobile app if we can figure out a fair way to compensate the artists… potentially ad based or something else.

How much are the artists getting?

70% of all net subscription revenue (meaning after payment processing fees are taken out) is paid directly to the artists as royalties.

30% of all net subscription revenue is paid to Pretzel for building and operating the platform.

So that means out of a $12.99/mo subscription the breakdown is as follows:
$0.68 — Payment Processor
$8.62 — Artists
$3.69 — Pretzel

Really that’s all I get for Premium? That doesn’t get me excited.

That’s okay! We plan on adding more and more nifty features for our Premium users. In the meantime, use the free version, we’re totally cool with that.

When will Premium be available.


See you next week!

Let us know if you have any question, concerns, praise… we’re listening :D

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The Pretzel Team