Pretzel Weekly Update #31 — The “TwitchCon is Next Week” Edition

It’s Sunday again, music fans! The team is all headed out to Long Beach to attend TwitchCon, make sure to say hi if you see us around!

Progress this Week

Latest Pretzel Rocks Build

The latest build of Pretzel Rocks at the time of this post is: v. 0.0.15 (207)

This means that if you haven’t refreshed your web player or restarted your desktop player in a while it may not work. A quick refresh/restart will get you up to date with the latest version.

Music Licensing Blowup

Last week, there was a blowup on Twitter, where livestreamers were reminded that they need a valid sync license to play music on their streams.

Noah, our attorney has an excellent follow-up blog post regarding DMCA and streaming that will be released this upcoming week on this blog.

Needless to say it was an interesting week, many of our friends recommended Pretzel Rocks, thanks to all of you for letting other folks know about us!

Music Updates

  • We’ve been made aware that some tracks have been triggering Content ID claims. This is being caused by the artists having “YouTube monetization” turned on in their distribution. We’ve already contacted them and are working to resolve it. In the mean-time, all of these tracks have had their YouTube Safe delegation removed.
  • We’re continuing the on-boarding of 2,000 tracks from MMXVAC.
  • Chris is taking meetings in LA, drumming up interest and new music for Ninety9Lives. We don’t want to jump the gun on anything, but there’s some potentially cool new music heading our way.
  • As always — If you’re an artist who wants to be included in the Pretzel Catalog, let us know!


  • We’re taking a fresh look at all of the visual aspects of Ninety9Lives. Previously Ninety9Lives videos used lightly animated album art.
Example of Current Ninety9Lives video animations
  • While this approach is fine for one or two videos, it also becomes incredibly boring when the animation used for dozens of tracks from an album. So what if we could have unique, dynamic backgrounds (using things like artist’s art, album art, things Evan draws, etc) in each and every video. The team has been studying the techniques and work of Josh Davis and have come up with some incredibly cool visualizations that have us incredibly excited. This approach is call generative or algorithmic art.
Generative Art
  • We’re currently working with Apple to resolve issues so we can get the Pretzel Rocks app on the iOS App Store.

What’s Next

It’s all about TwitchCon this week! Everyone from Pretzel (including the A.I. known as “Mike”) will be in Long Beach for the weekend’s festivities, so be sure to check our Twitter for photos and updates.

Beyond TwitchCon, currently the company has 4 major priorities that we’re working on:

  • Pretzel Premium Mobile available on all platforms.
  • Launching a “Potato” Dev Portal, so developers can build applications that leverage the Pretzel API and Services.
  • Launching a “Potato” Artist Portal, so we can better communicate all of the fascinating data we’re acquiring with the artists who’re in the catalog.
  • Resuming releases on Ninety9Lives again. We’re evaluating Ninety9Lives from top to bottom (legal to bookkeeping, visual art to release schedule). But our main goal is to start releasing music again ASAP, and keep a consistent schedule.

See you next week!

Try Pretzel Rocks now, follow our Twitter and chat in our Discord. We’ll see you next week!

The Pretzel Team