Pretzel Weekly Update #42 — The “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” Edition

Happy New Year! We’ve reached weekly update 42! Since it’s a holiday, we’ll make it a quick one!

Progress this Week

Latest Pretzel Rocks Build

The latest build of Pretzel Rocks at the time of this post is: v. 0.0.18 (227)

This means that if you haven’t refreshed your web player or restarted your desktop player in a while it may not work. A quick refresh/restart will get you up to date with the latest version.


  • The week Made Monster released an amazing tracked called Shoulda Known Better (featuring Kate Brady). Check it out if you haven’t yet.
  • This week we sent payments and statements to all Ninety9Lives Artists as well as finally got PayPal mass payments setup. This allowed our team to quickly issue statements and payments to our artists.
  • We have applied to Beatport as Ninety9Lives.


  • This week we worked with Google to rename our YouTube CMS from Let’s Play Media, LLC to
  • We updated our Desktop Build system and pushed out a new update.
  • We introduced a lightweight server into the Desktop App called PretzelSalt, this server allows the desktop app to communicate directly to our website running in a web browser. With this communication in place there are a lot of possibilities, such as allowing our websites to direct the desktop app, queue songs, change stations, etc.
  • This week we also experimented with a couple of changes to make the Pretzel Rocks mobile app more responsive. Those changes are now live in the mobile app.
  • This week we also did a bunch of work to reduce the redundant systems between Ninety9Lives and Pretzel Rocks.

What’s Next

Next weeks focuses are:

  • Aegis Vetting — Getting the Pretzel Catalog safe for YouTube
  • Playlists — Automating our Playlists on Spotify and YouTube
  • Getting ahead on Ninety9Lives Art Pipeline
  • Artist Pitch Deck
  • MAGFest — Taffy and Noah will be at MAGFest this week, say hi if you see them.
  • Track Submissions Portal — Streamlining the Track on-boarding process so we can get music to you all faster!

See you next week!

Try Pretzel Rocks now, follow our Twitter and chat in our Discord. We’ll see you next week!

The Pretzel Team

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