Pretzel Weekly Update #5 — The “Easter Egg” Edition

Hey all! This week was filled with work that most people normally won’t see (like Easter Eggs in a game). Let’s jump into it!

May your egg hunting be fruitful today!

Progress this Week

Latest Build

The latest build of Pretzel at the time of this post is: v. 0.0.6 (74)
If your version is lower than this version make sure to refresh if you’re using the web player, or close and re-open the desktop player.

Current Version Number can be found on the Quick Settings Screen

Alpha Access

  • We now in an Open Alpha and have over 900 registered users. So… anyone who signs up for Pretzel will instantly gain access to the player and catalog!

Music Updates

  • Our music catalog now has 1040 tracks.
  • The Party Hard OST from tinyBuild was added to the catalog.
Party Hard OST from tinyBuild by Ressa Schwarzwald.
  • Started conversations and plans for tagging and categorization of the catalog.
  • As always — we’re looking for recommendations for artists to add to Pretzel. Let us know!


Legal isn’t something that’s always has its own section (at least, we hope we don’t have to talk about it every week). There are a couple of notes worth entering, since they’re happening:

  • We have added Heather Morado (of Morado Law in Seattle) to our legal team. She will help us craft comprehensive, fair and easy-to-read licensing paperwork we can take to new artists and labels so that we can aggressively start signing tracks to the catalog.
  • We started the ball rolling to formally trademark Pretzel. We like the name/logo, and don’t want to have to change it.
  • First drafts are finished for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED — Homepage stated we were still in closed alpha.
  • FIXED — Clean up temporary fields in our database.
  • FIXED — Current version of the application should be visible.
  • FIXED — Affirmation dismissal on Windows was broken.
  • FIXED — Intercom implementation was unstable (we removed it).
  • KNOWN — Volume slider control is a bit wonky and fights with volume fading.


  • Added Current Track and Peek endpoints to the API (currently private, but will be made public in the future), this will allow us to show users what tracks are coming up next.
  • Customized hot keys are coming. We rolled hard-coded global hot keys this week.
MediaPlayPause — Toggle Play / Pause
MediaNext — Next Song
Shift + Alt + p— Toggle Play / Pause
Shift + Alt + ] — Next Song
Shift + Alt + - — Volume Down by 2%
Shift + Alt + = — Volume Up by 2%
Shift + Alt + ; — Set volume to 13%
Shift + Alt + ' — Set volume to 71%
  • Volume fading. Before, when you changed volume or paused a track, it was very abrupt. We now fade your volume on play , pause and volume changes. This makes volume changes and pausing much smoother.
  • To build the What’s Playing page how Evan had envisioned it we needed to setup systems to track when users are streaming and what they are streaming.
Evan’s Design for What’s Playing

We now have stream tracking built into our backend. This will also allow us to link users directly to the streamer’s VOD at the time a song was playing.

Stream Tracking — “Isn’t Taffy a Minecraft streamer?!”
  • This also enables us to chart and create cool infographics. We are excited to share these in future posts. This chart below are users who have signed up for Pretzel who were live but not necessarily using Pretzel.
Beautiful people making beautiful data.

So what’s on for this week?

Settings Dialogs (Quick and Advanced)

Settings Dialogs

The Settings Dialogs are currently blocking our two most requested features:

  • Custom Global Hotkeys
  • Advanced File Output

So this week is 100% about getting the Settings Dialogs completed, as well as cloud-based saving of your settings and preferences.

Catalog Tagging & Categorization

The rest of the team will be focusing on preparing our catalog’s metadata. This metadata will be searchable and be used for seeding Stations. If you want to learn more about this check out our other post “What is a chair?” — The Categorization of Pretzel’s Music Catalog.

Still on the bubble…

Pending any bugs we find, and how much time the settings dialogs take, these are the features that will be worked on if we find ourselves with extra time this week:

  • Custom Global Hotkeys.
  • Advanced File Output.
  • Streamer Now Playing pages.
  • Pretzel Chat Bot.

As always, no promises on these.

See you next week!

Thank you for an amazing week of growth! Let us know your thoughts. Sign up for our open alpha, follow us on Twitter and chat in our Discord. We’ll see you next week!

The Pretzel Team