Pretzel Weekly Update #7 — The “Advanced File Writing!” Edition

Hey everyone! Most of the team are on location in Southern California this week to see Ryan and Chris (as Made Monster) play Night Nation Run in Anaheim to a crowd of thousands.

Typically we’re a 100% remote team, but we’re excited to see what we can get done with all of us in a room together!

Made Monster playing to thousands at the Night Nation Run in Anaheim

Progress this Week

Latest Build

The latest build of Pretzel at the time of this post is: v. 0.0.10 (98)

This means that if you haven’t refreshed your web player or restarted your desktop player in a while it may not work. A quick refresh/restart will get you up to date with the latest version.

Music Updates

  • We can now sort music by genres, sub-genres, explicit, instrumental, and mixed tags. We have begun categorizing all of the existing catalog using these categories.
  • As always — we’re looking for recommendations for artists to add to Pretzel. Let us know!


This week we finally rolled out the Settings system that we have been working on!

  • Quick Settings is where options that may need to quickly adjusted (our thought is typically during a live stream) can be easily accessed. Users will now see an “All Settings” button which will expand into the Advanced Settings menu.
Introducing the Advanced “All” Settings
  • Advanced Settings are here, and they are glorious! “Advanced Settings” is an expanded settings view which now has much more room to put in all of the preferences and settings users have been asking for.
New user options for File Output.
  • File Output now has been expanded to introduce several new options.
  • Write to file delay will create a buffer so tracks don’t write to file automatically (in case it’s skipped or down-voted). You can also set the delay to “zero seconds” if you’d prefer no buffer.
  • Now Playing Output format allows customization of track credit.
  • Now Playing Output preview shows a preview of the formatted track credit.
  • Alternative output when paused allows a different output to be shown when the player is paused.
  • Paused Output format and preview allow you to set and see what the written file will display when Pretzel is paused.
  • Send Album Cover to file will write the album art for each track to file so those who feel so inclined can include the art in a custom overlay.

So what’s on for this week?

Custom Global Hotkeys

Global Hotkeys are a new advanced settings panel that will allow streamers to set custom global hotkeys for everything within Pretzel. We’re pretty stoked about this.

Catalog Tagging & Categorization

We’re chipping away at metadata under the guidance of Ryan McKay (from MadeMonster. This metadata will be searchable and will be used for seeding Stations. If you want to learn more about this process check out our other post “What is a chair?” — The Categorization of Pretzel’s Music Catalog.

IRL Team Session

With the entire team in SoCal (except Mike… sorry Mike) this week, we are planning on spending a good amount of time discussing usability, lessons learned thus far, and looking at the data from our users.

We’re also going to begin brainstorming additional features and plans for how we can take Pretzel to the next level.

Still on the bubble…

These are the features that will be worked on if we find ourselves with extra time this week:

  • Streamer Now Playing pages.
  • Pretzel Chat Bot.

As always, no promises on these.

See you next week!

Thank you for your patience with our Advanced Settings roll-out! Let us know your thoughts. Sign up for our alpha, follow our Twitter and chat in our Discord. We’ll see you next week!

The Pretzel Team