PrezHero Review + My Exclusive FREE Bonus Package

In this PrezHero Review, you will learn what PrezHero is all about, it’s features, how it works and how to get my exclusive PrezHero Bonus package.

PrezHero Review — What is PrezHero Software?

PrezHero allows you to create responsive presentations on the fly! It helps you create powerful presentations to excite your targeted audience. It works on a 3-step formula to engage audience faster, convert better and sell easier!

Here is a quick glance of different versions of PrezHero:


PrezHero Review — How It Works:

PrezHero includes a 3-Step formula that allows you to create attention grabbing and exciting presentations:

  1. Pick a template — PrezHero is as easy as A-B-C. It works on easy to create templates through which you create attention grabbing and exciting presentations in no time at all. No need to work at it yourself and fail because you are new! With PrezHero, all you have to do is pick and move onto the next profit step.
  2. Create A Powerful Presenation By Adding Elements — After picking any template that matches your requirements, create a powerful presentation literally at a drop of the hat. Add a video, audio, animations, images and whatever it takes to make your audience glued to your presentation.
  3. Publish or Profit — With your eye-catching presentations, you can now pitch your product or service in a way that will guarantee high conversions. Watch your sales rise, conversions turn sky high and you’re on a roll!

Watch this video to learn more:

PrezHero Review — Features:

  • Drag and drop Text Embed — a 100% customisable formula that ensures you can place the text where you want to instead of where the template allows.
  • X Embedded Fonts — Avail the many advantages of embedded fonts. For starters, you can make changes to even the most prominent lettering without exporting to other software. You get a fantastic variety of fonts to choose from. Finding one that works well with the idea and aesthetics of your presentations is a sure shot way of impressing a client.
  • Entrance and exit animations — Connect with your audience in a contemporary way. Introduction and exit animations keeps your presentations engaging and unexpectedly refreshing! These not only adds oodles of creativity but makes you a popular choice for your presenting skills.
  • X-Animation Types — Don’t saturate your presentations and your clients with the same animations over and over again. Choose from a wide range of animation types to liven up your fast converting presentations.
  • Complete control over colour — Compulsion is a thing of the past. With the built-in background palette selector, you can paint each and every slide in the colours of your choice, whether it’s to match your style or your aesthetics, you are ensured to have the last say in the design of your presentations.
  • Image and video upload and embed — No more relying on shaky diagrams or sketchy illustrations. With PrezHero, you have the ability to upload images to your slides to make them rich and exclusive. In addition to that, the video embed and uploader actually allows you to run your videos from within your presentation.
  • Ready-to-go image and shape library — Apart from using your own images, you will also get high-quality miscellaneous images to fulfil all your creative and professional needs. You will also get access to in-built shapes library to magnify your constructive experience.
  • Audio Adder — Because your slides shouldn’t be treated just for the eyes, but for the ears as well, you can also add audio which allows you to select the audio of your choice to play in the background during your presentation.
  • Responsive Presentation Embed — Now this is a cool one! Your slides can even work on a mobile and resize according to the browser dimensions!

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