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Top 30 Best Productivity Tools & Things You Need To Know About

In a world of cutthroat competition, you have to be ahead of the competition. This ultimately depends on how much more faster you can execute your idea than your competitor.

For all this, you need to be ultra-productive with your time. You need to be organized, mentally ready and in the zone without any distractions bothering you.

Here is a list of 30 best free productivity software to supercharge your productivity.

1. Trello — One of the biggest free project management tools. Manage everything from your life, travel plans to business/client related stuff by arranging them by different categories in Trello.

2. Slack — The godfather of team collaboration. Use Slack to communicate ideas in a unique chat room filled with your team members. A perfect tool for growing startups.

3. Screencastify — Create video content which demonstrates processes using this free tool.

4. Momentum — Make every new browser open up a dashboard with your to-do list and a motivational quote perfectly coupled with an image. A perfect tool for eliminating distractions.

5. Zapier — Make your apps do more work by seamlessly integrating them with each other for max output.

6. Airtable — Airtable is the marriage between spreadsheets and database. Use the field of airtable to attach important files, drop super long text notes, create checkboxes and more.

7. Split Tabs — If you work on multiple tabs and collect data on one to write about it on other, this one is God sent for you. Use it to arrange different tabs into layouts on separate windows.

8. Evernote — A great note taking app.

9. Pocket — Save articles on the go and read them later with Pocket.

10. Todoist — Don’t worry about forgetting things again with this simple to-do list app.

11. RescueTime — Understanding how you spend your time tracking your time usage on different websites. Get weekly email reports and set corrective goals based on that.

12. Taskful — Keep track of your tasks and meet your deadlines with this smart to-do list app.

13. Google Keep — Write a note and get reminded about it at the right time or place. Also, compartmentalize the notes with different labels and colors.

14. Strides — Track the progress of your habits and tasks with this interesting productivity tool.

15. Focus — One of the best free Pomodoro apps out there.

16. Noisli — Improve focus and improve your productivity with the eclectic choice of natural sounds to cover any background noise.

17. Raindrop — A simple bookmarking app.

18. Miro — A great whiteboard collab tool.

19. Station — Arrange all your apps in one destination. Great for teams who do not like clutter and want to do work fast.

20. Sligrid — Index and organize your thoughts with your team. All at one place.

21. Timer — A free timer to gamify your work and achieve things on time. Also can be used for applying Pomodoro technique.

22. Protected Text — Save and share text snippets without the need to leave your browser.

23. — Chrome extension to collect info from anyone’s social profile.

24. Mindfulness — One of the best meditation apps out there.

25. Headspace — Choose from a collection of themed meditations to make your life better.

26. Stop Breathe Think — Use this app to check in with how you are feeling and have a mindful approach to life.

27. Aura — Just tell Aura how you feel and it will give you relevant content like meditations, life coaching, stories, music and more to make you feel better.

28. 7Cups — Connect with caring therapists to discuss your problems and get the emotional help you need. The conversations are fully confidential.

29. Notion blends your everyday work apps into one. It’s your all-in-one workspace for you and your team.

30. Canva — It is an easy-to-use tool that lets non-designers create attractive and engaging images for posting on social media channels.

Be Productive.




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