Super Fast Kettle

This “super fast kettle” as I call it, was given to me by a collector. I believe he gave it to me because I could not stop talking about it: “Why an air stream kettle?” “Why stream-lined, to show that it is a super fast kettle?” “Will it fly off the stove when it’s ready or does it just look like it will?” “It will boil in 2 seconds with the amount of surface touching the stove!” “Plus it is tiny, good for one cup maybe?”. Even though to me it is a really humorous object, I am thinking it was designed in all seriousness in the Raymond Loewy era. After receiving it 11 years ago, it is still one of my most favourite objects. Mostly because it is such a serious object, existent due to it’s functionality. Yet in this case it has all the elements of a hardcore functional object (think industrial design) but the non functional ones seem most prevalent: it’s small, it’s cute, it’s funny, it looks like it will take off and speed off your stove, you want to touch it because of its soft shapes (you probably shouldn’t since it’s boiling hot). If only I had a whole set of these. Think of how a coffee maker or toaster could look in that series. I could go on…

— alissiamt

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