Jeffrey Cole Casserole

Pride. Day 8.

In high-school and college, my friend Jeff and I were hilarious. Or at least we thought so. Jeff was actually the funny one, but I played a great straight man to his idiocy. While rooming together in college, our answering machine messages were epic, and these eventually grew into full length 60 minute cassette tapes of our comedy stylings, recorded fully on both sides and mailed out to our mutual friends. Our friends found them hilarious. Or at least we told ourselves so. There isn’t any proof of that, actually.

Why didn’t we ever think to copy any of these tapes before sending them? It’s quite possible that the technology to do so was beyond us at the time. Maybe it’s for the best. My memories of these skits are so satisfying, I’d hate to have reality destroy the legend.

If YouTube had existed at the time, Jeff and I may have been the Jeffrey Self and Cole Escola of our day. But alas, we were limited by the technology of our time.

If you never watched Self and Escola’s YouTube show Jeffrey Cole Casserole you owe it to yourself to have a good belly laugh. (Watch some of my favorite clips below.) These boys are hilarious! I love them. They are so much more daring and they push boundaries that I would have never dared when I was their age. And yet, I see a reflection of myself (and Jeff) in them, which takes me back to when I was young. It’s nice to see that gay boys today are still catty and bitchy, all in fun. Cole, especially, makes me belly laugh as hard as my friend Jeff does.

Anyway, enjoy:

To celebrate Pride Month, I am sharing daily posts that represent my own personal gay experience, perspective, and things that have influenced me over the years. I am in no way speaking for the community at large nor making claims that my experiences are somehow unique. This is just the personal history of a 40-something gay man.

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