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These Sophomores Are Trying To Keep You Healthy

Camila Leiva and Mhaxine Ramos are both sophomores in Mr. Gomez’s Human Body Systems class. Together, they teamed up to create a public service announcement designed to help keep Eastside students safe from COVID-19. That video, which can be viewed at the end of this article, is more than just a school project; it’s a plea for their community to practice good hygiene in the face of this unprecedented pandemic.

“It’s spreading, and there’s no vaccine yet,” says Camila. “Taking care of our hygiene is important with situations like this.”

Mhaxine agrees. “Good hygiene can prevent people from getting sick,” she says.

Both Mhaxine and Camila try to adhere to good health practices in their personal lives as well. They’ve been practicing social distancing and adhering to Governor Newsom’s emergency directive to stay at home whenever possible.

“My family and I have been staying home and only going out when it is necessary,” says Mhaxine. “We have been making sure that we’re all washing our hands and wiping down surfaces.”

These steps are among the ones advocated for in their PSA, which recently won a Virus Prevention Video Contest hosted by Eastside’s Biomedical Academy. The winning video was chosen by students. It has already been viewed nearly 600 times.

This contest is just one way that Camila and Mhaxine have stayed busy since the school closure over a week ago. Camila has been working on assignments for school, and Mhaxine has increased her workout routine.

Both girls hope that their video can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Maybe then, we can all return to a more normal routine.



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