Awaken your consciousness. Let’s do some arts and crafts!!

People always wish to have a normal and a perfect life. And later on, when they are out they tend to indulge in their busy schedules to earn money. During this phase, they forget what the true meaning of life is. They forget their family, their friends, their acquaintances, their happiness, their smiles and more importantly their passion. And all that they carry with them is stress and tension.

Wondering how one can calm down and relieve stress during this situation? Just go, grab your sketchbook and a pencil to draw your life out. Wake your consciousness and passion that’s inside you. Try out things that you have always wanted to but have never given it a try. The visual arts can help you regain your sense of play as you work with the colours or experiment with new materials. And when making art, one can bring about the profound satisfaction of activating the creative self, an essential part of our makeup as human beings.

Arts does not only help us release our stress out, but it also helps us give pleasure to our mind and soul.

According to a news report, art and crafts are a way to free you from chronic disorders. It also characterises you by a positive state such as reducing blood pressure, diminished respiratory rate and lower pulse rate to normal. Studies done with cancer patients and their caregivers have shown that making art is a powerful tool to combat stress. While you can also exercise, chant, or garden, art offers specific advantages to battling stress.

You don’t need to have a canvas or perfect materials to create something. All you need is an imaginary mind full of creative thoughts and ideas. They are many famous people and legends who have succeeded only with the help of their talent and creativity. To its contrary, there are people who think painting pictures is not a way to earn a living and hence they give up their passion and talent. This way, they neither succeed in their task, nor do they perform better in other fields.

Arts and crafts have no age or a gender bar. From toddlers to teens and adults to seniors, from girls to boys and men to women, everybody can enjoy painting and make great stuff irrespective of which age group they belong to. Children in schools are taught to make beautiful pieces of arts and crafts. They are a piece of leisure and fun. Ideas of craftwork and simplicity are manifested in decorative work, including the metalwork, pottery, wood carving and many other ethnic pieces which are making the world go crazy.

The bottom line is that every person is an artist or a craftsman. Almost all of us have the talent and Creativity. But only a few chose to unleash them and work on them with passion and interest. We have one life to live. Why not go and embrace your creativity and passion towards arts and crafts. Because we all know that being creative is not a hobby, in fact, it is the way of living.