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Beginner’s Guide to Mixed Media Art

Indulge yourself into new form of Art: world of wonder, a world of excitement, and world of your creativity. This is the world of Mixed Media Design!

I just thought of trying my hands on this art and felt that Mixed Media is a great way to express things deeply felt, but not easily conveyed with words…By combining components, layering finishes, and including items of significance to you, art can be made that is truly a reflection of who you are.

Mixed media art brings together all of your artistic skills, even if they’re not as good as you’d like them to be, to create pieces that will release your creativity. This form of crafting is perfect for all those who are beginners to crafting as well as not very good with drawing, but still want to make something. Many of us need to ability to create something as part of fulfilling an inner need. So continue reading to see if this mode of creativity helps you.

Mixed media art is a term used to describe the bringing together of a multitude (“mix”) of different elements (“media”) in a variety of different ways. So many different art and craft techniques and forms are covered by this title. And then there’s the range on media: Firstly the ones that come straight to mind; paints, papers, cardboards, pencils, images, glues, crayons and glitter, to name a few. Then there are the more obscure media, like washers and other hardware items, buttons, fibres, bees wax, pages from an old book and the list goes on. When you begin to look around you with your “mixed media mania” everything becomes a potential target for adding into your mixed media art.

All you will need to start with are a few basic materials and tools.

Types of products that can be done through Mixed Media Art:



#Altered Books

#Handmade Greeting Cards


#Painting on Canvas

Must have supplies to begin your first ever Mixed Media Art:

#Old Books & Papers etc (create base for your project)

#Decoupage Materials (refer beginners guide to decoupage for list and technique)


#Acrylic Paints

#Canvas or Wood Planks


Since we have got all things in place, lets begin with our basic technique of making a mixed media canvas:

#Select Paper and Media:

Select all the paper and textures you want to add to your art, also dont forget to collect all the spare things you find in your house to use in your art like keys, bolts, old books, pins whatever you feel like.

#Prepare Canvas or Wood Plank Base:

On blank canvas, put down some fluid acrylics, letting each layer dry. Then again keep adding heavy acrylic paint till you find the base complete as per your choice.

#Create Textures:

Add textures of wall or random design as per your choice and colors, you can use gesso and stencil to create different textures. and let it dry.

#Add final media things:

Finally when paiont and texture is set you can add your other embelishments to decorate your art such as papers, fabric, floral embellishments, your old keys, rims as per your choice.

And here your first Mixed Media Art is ready to flaunt!!

We hope it would be helpful in starting your own Mixed Media projects soon. Please do response back with your feedback or clap for your support if it helped you out.

More Craft Guide to come, keep following Prika-All About Crafts.




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