“Craft Enthusiast”- Anu Sachdeva

As september month begins and we continue to spread the word about multitalented crafter and its never the same coz all of them have a unique story to share with us about their journey of being a crafter! We are very excited to introduce you to our “Craft Enthusiast………”Anu Sachdeva”

“Craft Enthusiast”- Anu Sachdeva

Even though Anu is a teacher by profession but her love for crafting has kept her going with her creativity and reached a milestone of 8000+ likes and appreciations on her Facebook page. Her special work of overwhelm includes flipbook layer card.

This is what anu speaks about her journey in pursuing her passion all along creating distinct crafts and what inspired her to keep doing this.

All of us are born with a zeal to achieve and flourish in our lives. After finalizing my MCA in year 2012 and being posted as a senior computer teacher in a school, I took the most prominent course of my life when I got married two years back.

Since the early age I infatuated a touch of creativity in the core, but it came out as my passion when I started watching some YouTube videos just to employ some free hours of the day at home. I began with crafting gifts and greeting cards for my family on special occasions. As the interest grew, I decided to start my own Facebook business page to display my crafts made with utter love and dedication.

Paper Crafts by Anu Sachdeva

Her Inspiration:

“You never know what motivates you.”- says the great Cicely Tyson. I had an aptitude for this creativeness but it came out as a passion when I started spending more time with paper, pens and a pair of scissors. The colorful sheets of paper stirred me to create my new enticing domain within the stark world of monotonous preferences.

Her Most Favorites:

I personally excel in making tricky greeting cards, albums and scrapbooks. My special work of overwhelm includes Flipbook Layer card with different themes and handmade photo albums for your near and dears.

Her Future Plans:

I wish to expand my business in the near-term as a successful entrepreneur and blowout the palate of imagination throughout the sphere and take my little venture of “CRAFTS HUB” to prominent altitudes. I aspire to fill the world with love, dedication and feelings through my tiny buds of vision and curiosity.

Message for All:

Life is too short to live even a single day without a vision and the fervor to bring out something new and different. I craft to breathe freely in my own ambience. The moment you enter the astonishing world of craftsmanship there is no recurring after that. Hope you get your dose of inspiration soon and reach out to be a great craftsman in future.

We hope you found enough inspiration from her to create your own world and breath free doing what you always had in mind…

you can reach out to Anu Sachdeva at

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/uniquecraftshub/

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