“Craft Enthusiast”- Deepshikha Tiwary

“Craft Enthusiast”- Deepshikha Tiwary

We are excited to introduce you to our “Craft Enthusiast of the Week” ……” Deepshikha Tiwary” who has love for paintings and bottle arts.

This is what Deepshikha speaks about her journey in pursuing her passion all along painting her dreams and what inspired her to keep doing this.

Considering the flashbacks of my childhood it’s all hazy memories that I have when I started crafting at the age of 12. Restoring the old items in my house and anything that seems to useless to others, I found some art in them. They were affordable and easy to find as well. ln short I was interested to making something from wastes. — Colours inspired me!!

Art work by Deepshikha Tiwary

I dreamt of beautiful things in this world and the other day painted them in my art, this is all I kept doing and gave me immense happiness to paint my dreams. I do crafting, scratching and painting. But the most favourite to me is painting. I do affordable crafting in a creative style!!

Bottle Art work by Deepshikha Tiwary

Her Most Favourites:

For me it’s very difficult to choose a masterpiece from my collection. As I mentioned that the most favourite to me is painting, so here is a painting which is one of my best works.

“Title- Laila-Majnu Theme-Silent conversation”

Title- Laila-Majnu Theme-Silent conversation by Deepshikha Tiwary

Future Plans:

The future of craft is in our hand. We can achieve our dreams through the way of craft. Its upon us, how we take it further, consider it as a passion, as a business or both!!

Message for All:

‘Follow your passion, success will follow you’. This is what I believe, and most importantly when you’re doing it, go all the way.

“Communication is an Art, and a meaningful conversation is a “Masterpiece”.

We hope you found it inspiring to pursue your passion and do what you love,

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