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Craft is the New Meditation!!

Craft is the New Meditation!!

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” — Pablo Picasso

Indulging in arts and crafts is a very effective way to stimulate the brain and anyone can do it. Learn the many benefits of arts and crafts and why it’s so helpful to you in your daily routine.

Taking art and craft classes is a hugely rewarding and satisfying experience. Developing your skills as an artist offers a deep sense of personal achievement and can lead to mental peace. However, art also has many secondary benefits that are not necessarily obvious. These benefits can improve your life in a significant way and further demonstrate the value of art in society.

Craft Workshop for Kids!!

Some of the greatest secondary benefits that are generated from an involvement in art include:

· Arts and Crafts helps Improved concentration skills:

Modern society involves so many distractions — television, advertising, cell phones, video games, and other demands on our time and attention. People are continually multi-tasking and spreading their attention dangerously thin. These factors are so pervasive that many children are now developing attention deficit disorder and associated behavioural problems. Art can help with this.

Creating a work of art is a time intensive process which requires a huge amount of focus and concentration. Learning to concentrate in this way is an important skill that is disappearing in the modern world. Practicing and refining this skill is a valuable technique that can be applied to all other areas of life where focus is required.

· Arts and Crafts builds Personal confidence and presentation skills:

Art is all about self-expression. Displaying art works in public exposes the artist to scrutiny and judgment. Artists are often called upon to explain their artworks or to defend themselves from criticism.

This is a very personal process in which the artist is effectively on display themselves. By going through this process the artist’s confidence, communication skills and expression are developed and improved. These skills can then be used in other areas of life which aren’t necessarily related to art.

· Art and Crafts develops Problem-solving Abilities

There isn’t a manual to being an artist, and there isn’t a manual for being alive. Obstacles and challenges throughout life are inevitable. However, when we make creativity a habit, we continue to learn new, resourceful ways of solving problems in our artwork, and in life.

· Arts and Crafts helps connect with your community:

When we create, we connect to other people doing the same and an instant sense of community is formed. Whether we’re exchanging ideas, providing feedback for our peers, or simply creating next to each other in silence, the sense of connection experienced as artists is undeniable and deeply rewarding.

· Arts and Crafts helps save money:

Expressing ourselves can control the urge to buy impulsively. If we trade the activity of consuming for creating, we not only save money, but get a deeper sense of fulfilment. Additionally, the more we learn how to make things ourselves, the less we need to spend money on buying them.

· Arts and Crafts helps understand yourself and the world:

Creativity is the route to authenticity. As we create, we plumb the depths of our being, accessing what we think and believe. The more we create, the more we discover and realize our habits, impulses, and desires. When we take the time and energy to develop our own ideas, we respect our inner nature and are better able to express ourselves to the world on a regular basis.

· Art and Crafts Promotes Creativity:

There is no right or wrong way to be an artist. When we create, we are given the opportunity to engage with the world without judging ourselves. We have permission to take risks, try new things, and strip away inhibitions in a healthy way.

Craft workshop for corporates!!

The moral of this story is that the process of making art — whether that be writing, painting, singing, dancing, or anything in between — is good for you. There are both physical and mental benefits from creating art, expressing yourself in a tangible way, and sharing something with the world. Art offers an outlet and a release from all of that. Take a minute to ignore all the incoming signals and create an outgoing one instead. Produce something. Express yourself in some way. If you contribute rather than consume, anything you do can be a work of art. Pick up all your tools and scrap paper and start to craft a card or notes. Put pen to paper and sketch a drawing. Grab your camera and take a picture. Turn up the music and dance. Start a conversation and make it a good one.

Build something. Share something. Craft something. Make more art. Your health and happiness will improve and we’ll all be better off for it.

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