DIY: Origami Box by Harshita Mehrotra

Isn’t it wonderful that a piece of paper can be designed into a handy origami box with just a few well-placed folds? Since it’s so awesome, it almost appears to be difficult, but let me tell you it’s very easy and I’m going to show to you exactly how it can be made. Also, what’s a box without the lid, so will be learning to make both together here at Prika.

Just follow the easy step by step instructions and you’ll be able to make this origami box. It’s not hard at all, but you’ll need to look at the pictures carefully to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

Step.1: Take a card stock square paper. Begin blank side up and fold and unfold diagonals.

Step-1: Origami Box

Step.2: Fold and unfold edges.

Step-2: Origami Box

Step.3: Fold on existing creases.

Step-3: Origami Box

Step.4: Fold and unfold diagonals.

Step-4-a: Origami Box
Step-4-b: Origami Box

Step.5: Lift sides to 90 degrees.

Step-5: Origami Box

Step.6: To make the side of the box, lift the end point upwards so the existing creases will make it naturally collapse to points.

Step-6: Origami Box

Step.7: Fold the point down into the box and press in to the centre. Repeat on other side also to make the box.

Step-7: Origami Box

Step.8: Take a slightly bigger square paper of contrast color to make the box lid. Repeat all steps to make the lid.

Step-8-a: Origami Box
Step-8-b: Origami Box

Step.9: Make a small hole in the centre of the lid and insert a string.

Step-9-a: Origami Box
Step-9-b: Origami Box
Step-9-c: Origami Box

Step.10: Decorate the box with ribbons and stickers and they are ready.

Step-10: Origami Box

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