Happy Mother’s day, dear Mom!

May 14th is rolling out and are you prepared for an adorable gift for your mom? She has been taking care of you 24/7/365 and it is your turn now to make her feel special and let her know how important she is in your life.

Mothers are very simple and they do not expect any fancy, expensive gifts from you.No matter whatever you buy for her, give her, she will happily accept it with a big wide smile.But doing things exclusively for her would make her day so much more special.

What about a greeting card that you have made it yourself? Or a Handmade mother’s day card?

Happy Mother’s day, dear Mom!
Follow below simple steps to create one for her soon.

Things you’ll need:

- Sheets

- Colourful Twines

- Bow

- Office Punch

- Black Fine liner

- Pencil

- Eraser

- Ruler

- Scissors

- Book Binding Glue

Instructions to make the Handmade Card:

Step 1: Draft out the Card parts as below sizes:

Happy Mother’s day, dear Mom!

Step 2: Take the base card-1 and fold up as per crease to get a three-folded card for one bigger side (12*12 cm) would be the top part and other smaller side (5*12 cm) as tag holders inside the card.

Step 3: Paste the smaller side (5*12 cm) inside the card but only through corner to allow to place the tags inside the holders, further pasting the yellow inner strip-2 on top of it.

Step 4: Take different variations of colourful design papers 4–5 and cut them to fit on to the top of the card cutting the below edges as ribbon end v shapes to look good and paste onto top of card

Step 5: Cut the edge of the top flip of the card and prepare for the tags to place inside the card holder by punching the top of the Inner Tags-4 and further cutting the top edges to present them as tags, tie some fancy threads or ribbons into the punch hole and place the card into the holders.

Step 6: Take the Card Top Wish-5 and fold into the crease as shown in the above image and mention your Message on top of it and further stick the same on top of the card. Stick the final bow onto the card top.

Here you finished your handmade card and be ready to add your messages and favourite images onto the tags.

Click on the link below and find more handmade cards!

We hope your mom would appreciate your efforts in taking out time to make something special for her. Stay tuned for more!