How facebook, internet social media are helping Indian kids and women dabblers showcase their Art & Craftwork!!

India is a country enriched with various forms of arts and crafts work. Though there is much appreciation expressed for the artisans and the craftsmanship in this country, there is still the stumbling show for the arts and crafts so as to establish a profession and a career on the whole. However, there are various platforms introduced recently in order to promote arts and crafts, help the artists and crafters present their skills and creativity.

In order to recognise various art forms and create a platform for the artists, we have wherein the crafters and artists come together to showcase their work and initiate the commercial activity. Just like Etsy, there are numerous pages like is another platform wherein crafters can come together and showcase their talent.

But how do these social media help the women dabblers to showcase their art and turn it into a business?

Social media and internet are the most important tools for online business and marketing. Gone are the days when you had to go around the place with your product and advertise about it. Things have changed and become way easier. There are so many features added on the internet and social media pages, exclusively for the dabblers, kids and woman who wish to turn their past time hobby to a full time profession. These are cost effective, improved client services and it helps you to reach the audience globally. Some of the features that are recently added on social media pages are that it helps you build and establish an online shop, find out your targeted customers, increase traffic with the help of free/ paid adds, and manage the account.

Create your Future: Paper Craft

You can reach to your customers on one to one basis, answer their queries, provide them bespoke service. This will certainly make them happy and you’ll receive more traffic. Not just that, if you have a shop online on any social media pages, you could actually get the stats and know where you stand in the market. This in turn helps you gauge your work and come up more strategic planning.

You can also find out the competitors, communicate with your customers, reach a wider group of audience, manage and track the customers and transactions, and retain the customer relationship.

So, What are we waiting for ? Let’s make our hobby into profession. Let’s do what we love, Explore the internet, reach places and meet people with new talents!

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