How to create a Folding Mini Album?

Priyanka Singh
Jun 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Welcome this vacation’s arrival with a great amusement to you and your family by making exciting and new DIYs to surprise your family. We are here to give you many crazy and cool ideas to bring your family closer and united. This time we have brought to you an amazing DIY project of a folding mini album with cheap and easily available materials.

This effortless mini album is what you need it when you are bored. It is an ideal gift to your friends and family. You can either gift it to someone or keep it with yourself to secure your memories firmly. So, without any delay let’s get started.

· Card stocks

· Ruler

· Pencil

· Double sided tape

· Some embellishments

· Bone folder

· String or magnets with sheet

· Strong adhesive

· 11 x 5 cm card stock

· 11 x 6.5 cm card stock

· 11 x 8 cm card stock (tri-fold center)

· 11 x 3.6 cm

· 11 x 3 cm

· 30 x 14 cm decorative paper

Step 1:Paste all the cardstocks respectively in the decorative paper of size 30 x 14 cm leaving a gap of about 0.5 cm between each of the cardstocks. Cut out a small inverted triangle from the edges. Simply use a bone folder to create smooth crease out of the additional left over decorative paper and then secure it using an adhesive. And then paste another decorative paper on top of this, to cover the cardstocks. Attach the magnets and the magnetic sheet to the two ends of the album using a double-sided tape or you may even use a string to wrap up the album. Secure firmly and you are done with the front cover. Keep the front cover aside.

Step 2:Take 5–6 different decorative papers each of size 16.5 x 10 cm and fold it in half. You may use a bone folder to smoothly crease out the edges. Attach all the half folded decorative paper in a zigzag pattern. Leave some space while attaching the decorative papers, to maintain the stiffness of the album.

Note: You may need to remove a smidge of paper from the inside pages to line them up properly when the booklet is closed. Set aside.

Step 3:Flip the project over and use adhesive to attach the booklet to the inside front cover.

Note: The entire front page of the booklet will be glued down to the inside front cover of the project.

Step 4:If you make a double-sided composition, it is very important to cut it in the folding lines to prevent paper deformation.

Step 5:Make the front cover page very interesting and fascinating using your creativity. Add picture and embellishments then fold up the album and tie the ribbon in a bow to close or tie up the string or you may use other embellishments to complete the look.

Creating a folding mini album is a good way to give a kick start to your upcoming vacations. Surprise your kith and kin by gifting them this mini album by collecting your old memories with them. This is a nice way to show your gratitude towards your loved ones. So, go ahead and start collecting your old memories to make them new again.

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