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Primalbase Team
Dec 6, 2017 · 4 min read

Meet our first tenant at Primalbase AMS

Those familiar with the Primalbase project understand our mission: to transform traditional office rental through the creation of a collaborative community, using digital tokens. This next-generation ecosystem consists of like-minded people and companies from the tech and blockchain industry.

Our co-working community also includes a handful of tenants that occupy private offices in each Primalbase location. In this series, we want to introduce these tenants, or more accurately, our Primalbase Partners and their exciting projects. First up is Binary District, who we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with on educational programs and blockchain events for our community.

Platform for education

Binary District Education Center is a collaborative tech community that produces carefully curated competency-based educational programs and events on new technologies and innovation. These technological fields include Blockchain, Biotech, IoT, Cybersecurity, Big Data, Scrum/Agile, AI, VR. Binary District has already positioned itself as one of the best technological education centres in Russia and is set to establish itself in other leading tech hubs, including London and Amsterdam.

The primary goal of Binary District was to create a platform that encouraged mutually beneficial interactions between those with the theoretical and practical knowledge of emerging technologies and those looking to educate themselves. The center supports researchers and developers, as well as tech entrepreneurs and business owners, by providing access to the minds behind the tech through a range of educational and training services.

Binary District earned its acclaim in the blockchain tech community by producing several notable events with appearances and talks from the likes of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, blockchain researcher and developers Patrick McCorry and Vlad Zamfir, and cyber investigation expert Michael Perklin. They hosted the international blockchain conference Genesis Moscow in addition to Blockchain Hackathon and Blockchain Hunt.

Patrick McCorry
Key note speakers at the Genesis Conference 2017 in Moscow
Sasha Ivanov at the Genesis Conference 2017 in Moscow

“No hype, just facts”

An important part of the vibrant ecosystem created by Binary District is the recently launched Binary District Journal. The journal offers expertise and informed opinion pieces on new technologies. In line with the ethos of the education centre, Binary District Journal’s primary focus is to educate and inform — “no hype, just facts.” Both the centre and the journal offer unfettered access to the minds behind the disruptive technologies, that is the researchers, developers, academics and visionaries forwarding the industry.

In an age where technology is king, we are inundated with technologies proclaiming to be the “tech of the future”. However, more often than not, these technologies are conjecture with no real use cases. Blockchain, like most disruptive technologies, is both elusive and ubiquitous — its potential to transform both industry and society is undeniable, but so are the lack of viable applications.

One of the main priorities of Binary District is to use research-based knowledge to facilitate the development of utilitarian technology — tech with both necessary and beneficial real-world applications. While Binary District covers a range of new technologies, the centre’s educational programs initially focused on Blockchain with introductory weekend courses. Over time these programs were extended to accommodate long-term professional growth and businesses looking to apply blockchain technology to their processes.

Being part of the Primalbase ecosystem will enable the centre to develop an international presence

The Primalbase project is demonstrative of how blockchain technology can be used to bolster and advance traditional industries. Joining the Primalbase community has, and will, benefit Binary District on several fronts. Technology transcends borders, and being part of the Primalbase ecosystem will enable the centre to develop an international presence and to reach the tech community globally. It will also provide access to some of the leading and most creative startups in the industry; the opportunity to collaborate and have meaningful discussions with the companies implementing these innovative ideas is just as important as communicating with the developers of the technologies. In this sense, Primalbase membership offers access to both the conceptual and practical side of innovation.

Binary District facilitates the ambitions and creativity of participants: it gives them the solid intellectual foundation to launch their own innovative projects or upgrade the internal processes and operations in their companies. With each programme and event, the goal is to distil complex concepts surrounding disruptive technologies into practical knowledge and skills which companies can integrate into their business model. The proliferation of knowledge is vital to the advancement of the tech community, and that is achieved through reciprocal collaboration.

Dmitri Sarle at the Genesis Conference 2017 in Moscow
Justin Halsall taking a selfie at the Genesis Conference 2017 in Moscow

Don’t miss the next Tenant Talks here on our Medium channel. More events hosted at Primalbase will be shared shortly.

Primalbase is more than a coworking space. Our tech community brings together the best tech minds and most innovative projects into one space. Adding your company to our ecosystem is a great way to broaden the scope of what’s possible for your projects. If you’re looking for a more collaborative environment for your team, to find out how we can help you secure your place at Primalbase.


Combining blockchain technology with coworking

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