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Those familiar with the Primalbase project understand our mission: to transform traditional office rental through the creation of a collaborative community, using digital tokens. This next-generation ecosystem consists of like-minded people and companies from the tech and blockchain industry.

Our co-working community also includes a handful of tenants that occupy private offices in each Primalbase location. In this series, we want to introduce these tenants and their exciting projects. Blockchain Institute is the second tenant entering the office in AMS and they are of great value to the Primalbase roadmap.

International blockchain research centre

Blockchain Institute is an international blockchain research centre headquartered in London, the UK, and established to support and facilitate much-needed research in the blockchain sphere. Through its endorsement of several research projects and educational programs globally, Blockchain Institute aims to make a genuine contribution to the development, production and implementation of blockchain-based solutions. In fact, the research centre has a special grant program dedicated specifically to this.

Researchers involved with Blockchain Institute believe that blockchain technology has the potential to bring positive changes to a variety of industries. However, with all the hype surrounding blockchain technology, it is very important to be realistic about what can actually be achieved. The centre aims to separate the wheat from the chaff by conducting high-quality research projects. Blockchain Institute also offers consulting services and technical advice to companies and public institutions looking to integrate blockchain-based solutions into their internal processes.

Blockchain Hackathon in Moscow, November 2017
Blockchain Hackathon in Moscow, November 2017

The establishment of distributed autonomous R&D Labs in the world’s technological capitals is central to Blockchain Institute’s mission. Labs in cities, such as Moscow, Amsterdam, and Berlin, will enable the centre to not only develop a network of experienced researchers but to also connect these researchers with international developers, businesses and public institutions.

Blockchain Institute labs are designed to be world-class centres of blockchain research and development able to organize and support a wide variety of scientific and technological projects for both the public and private sector. Far beyond simply writing smart contracts and protocols, the labs facilitate the entire development process and ensure that viable applications and solutions are brought to fruition.

The large-scale adoption of new a technology can only be achieved through close collaboration between leading industry experts, researchers and corporations who share the same vision and values. Championing technological advancement through collaboration, Blockchain Institute brings together these vital actors in the space to spread knowledge and foster the practical implementation of blockchain technology. To this end, the centre has established strategic partnerships with world-leading research centres, educational institutions, technological companies, and systems integrators.

As tenants of Primalbase AMS, the Blockchain Institute R&D Lab in Amsterdam will be looking to establish partnerships with local blockchain research centres, labs, universities and tech startups. Blockchain Institute always seeks to challenge and inspire development teams to solve some of the most pressing technological problems, and Primalbase provides the physical infrastructure and community to do just this. The Blockchain Institute shares Primalbase’s belief that decentralized infrastructure can boost the development of decentralized technologies.

Primalbase has committed to uniting some of the most promising blockchain projects in some of the most progressive and tech-friendly locations in the world. Primalbase is offering the tech enthusiast’s dream — the opportunity to be at the centre of creativity and innovation and to contribute to the development of promising real-life blockchain applications.

Blockchain Hackathon in Moscow, November 2017
Blockchain Hackathon in Moscow, November 2017

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