GPs are a vital part of the #NHS. As part of our #GPLondon 2017 camapign, we’re asking #GPs to share why their role is important to them using #ImaGPbecause.

Here, some NHS England (London) GPs explain what they love about general practice in the capital.

Dr Helene Brown is NHS England’s Medical Director for North Central and East London, and a GP in Newham.

I am the Medical Director for North Central and East London. I am also GP in Newham. I am passionate about addressing health inequalities. I genuinely believe it is a privilege to do my job.

My patients are a hugely important part of my life. I frequently feel I learn more from them than they realise. They allow me into some of the most challenging and also some of the most joyful aspects of their lives. I love the variety of work that I do with patients from birth to death and the tapestry of life in between.

Being a GP in London is fantastic. The diversity of our community is a joy! I learn so much from all of my patients. The medicine is really interesting too — never a dull moment!

Dr Shivali Talsania is NHS England’s Deputy Medical Director for North West London, and a GP.

What I value most about being a GP is the ability to understand so much about an individual’s needs through the simplicity of a conversation; the gratitude in a smile; and the ability to recognise distress when things go wrong.

It’s an honour being someone’s GP. It’s not just managing their symptoms — it’s the ability to understand that their physical needs are just as important as their emotional and mental wellbeing.

I’m also the Deputy Medical Director for North West London under Dr David Finch, also a GP! As a team we work with 1900 GPs and allied community services including dentists, optometrists and pharmacists; eight Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs); acute trusts and care homes; and allied healthcare organisations to drive health improvement across London.

I’m delighted to be part of such a motivated, inspiring and passionate team to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.

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