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Jul 11, 2018 · 5 min read

We are pleased to announce our ICO of PRIMARY, which will be based on an EOS platform. PRIMARY is a decentralised platform created to engage cooperation, participation and knowledge transfer in the digital industry.

Being globally productive — Building future business communities

Being a part of a flourishing network. Globally and digitally connected. With like-minded people. These are a few aspects that most people aim to find when joining a coworking space. They get drawn by the promises that numerous providers attract them with. Let it be community events, workshops, yoga classes or free beers. But what are passionate entrepreneurs with international career ambitions really looking for?

It is the opportunity to benefit from a diverse community, with entrepreneurial spirit that supports each other without geographical or physical boundaries. This can boost their creativity and lead to the birth of groundbreaking ideas.

Finding a solution to enhance business communities

Well known as being one of the fastest growing companies and one of the most promising creators of the infrastructure of the future, rent24 has already established 35 locations and a partner alliance with unique communities in major cities, each one embodying a center of knowledge transfer and collaboration. We offer our members a great experience that helps them grow, learn and support their success.

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However, local communities are limited by one factor: space. Due to that limitation they lack a way to effectively know each others skills and how to interact with the opposite within a globally connected community. The missing link is a tool that empowers individuals to efficiently find the projects they could create, the clients they could serve together and the business relationships that could be built.

Strong communities already exist within the rent24 and their partner alliances, but they will only evolve into innovative ecosystems when there is a possibility to assess each other in an unlimited worldwide network.

Creating a vision — Blockchain can act as a powerful multiplier

Since our start in 2015, we envisioned a digital network which creates value through collaborating and interacting with each other across geographical borders and timezones. To empower this movement, we created PRIMARY, a platform utilizing blockchain technology to engage cooperation, participation and knowledge transfer in communities.

The blockchain technology functions as a multiplier, creating incentives for community members to interact as a decentralised ecosystem that fuels innovation. Further, it is a system generating actual value in the real world. It may change the way we interact and value interaction forever.

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We enhance the true aim of the blockchain, which is transparency, trust and democracy. All users have an equal opportunity to grow within the platform not just locally but internationally as well. It is a blockchain use case that aims to revolutionise the sharing economy.

PRIMARY — Connecting the physical with the digital world

The system is not limited to the use case of coworking. Any individual such as freelancers, digital nomads as well as startups and companies in the digital industry can share knowledge and transform it into tangible value. Further, it is open to shops, restaurants and other service providers accepting PRIMARY tokens as payment.

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This physical ecosystem is already in place with coworking, coliving, restaurants, events and recreation facilities. So there is no need to wait and hope it will become a reality at one point in the future.

PRIMARY — A system boosting our potential to grow

Users of our decentralised platform are incentivised to be an active part of a worldwide community by providing them with token rewards for actions and tasks that are beneficial for the entire collective. You, as part of the community, receive multiple kinds of rewards by contributing with your knowledge and skills.

Imagine you are at a coworking space and use your mobile app to reward another member for an outstanding blog post they just did for you or to post a task you need help with. You then grab a sandwich from one of our cafés or vending machines, then book and unlock your conference room. Further an (AI) artificial intelligence engine will propose tasks, projects or collaborations between individuals or companies in the ecosystem. After a productive day you then self-check into your apartment in one of our coliving spaces and access the gym on the top floor for a workout. All done in a convenient and fast mobile application.

By creating a single self-organizing platform based on EOS blockchain technology it is possible for the first time to have transactions like this without notable delays or fees. That way we provide our community with a powerful encrypted platform which can be used for everyday interaction and transactions.

Rewards are given to the users by each other based on how much the community values the contribution by any party. This way rent24 is being the bridge between the digital platform and the real world.

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A unique benefit of our community is displayed through our member ranking system. The more active you are and contribute, the higher you get ranked in the system. This not only enhances the collaboration between members but also increases the quality of the content. As a result we create a community that is characterized by the quality of contributions, level of engagement and knowledge transfer.

PRIMARY — The project takes off soon

It is only a matter of time until we realize the fascinating impact of the blockchain technology in our daily lives. At the same time the future of communities will come into greater focus as there are more and more people attracted to coworking spaces. PRIMARY is the ideal blockchain powered platform to fully boost the potential to grow within global communities.

Stay in touch with PRIMARY

For further information regarding token distribution and the team behind the project go visit PRIMARY. Or get the latest announcements by joining our email list.

Join the Telegram group to become part of the PRIMARY community and stay up to date with the latest news. You can also stay up to date with the latest news via Twitter.

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PRIMARY Community

The community behind PRIMARY

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