Appopoly — EYFS Edition

Hot on the heels of Appopoly — Teacher Edition comes this EYFS edition! Designed to be in the hands of EYFS children, this edition has been built from my own experience with my 4 and a half year old son coupled with my experience as a teacher.

There are a few choices that need explanations. Firstly, Busythings have great apps but this recommendation is for a subscription to their site, which you can access on IPads. Secondly, Numbers for Osmo requires their hardware but is a joy to play. You’re only scratching the surface of it at EYFS but it’s still a worthy inclusion. Thirdly, I couldn’t decide between about 4 of Tinybops apps so I plumped for their collection, thumbing through is a joy in itself! It’s also worth pointing out there are three recommendations for Hip Hop Hen apps. If you haven’t tried them out, you’ll be hooked…

Happy playing!