Chekov the Hamster

Over the summer holiday @Charliedeane had a great idea about giving her class pet, Buttons, a blog with which to share his tales with the world. Which made me think, what a great tool a blog would be for documenting what a class pet gets up to with a family, supporting writing discussion at home. So, I introduced Chekov the Hamster as our class toy pet. He goes home with the ‘Star of the Week’ from our class each week. At the end of the weekend, the child and a parent talk through and write a recount of what they and Chekov have been up to.

The blogging platform chosen was Posterous. I’d heard good things about it but never really looked any further. It’s main advantage is it’s elegant simplicity. Basically, all someone has to do to create a post is send an email to a particular address, with any pictures as attachments. So in other words, the only thing a parent needs to be familiar with is how to send an email.

The children have been extremely excited about taking Chekov home and we have currently had about an 80% success rate in terms of blog posts sent after a weekend. Now, i’m not saying children’s writing is going to magically improve but anything that gets children and parents discussing writing has got to be a good thing, right?

@ianaddison has put together a ‘Blogging Zoo’ set of links where class pets have blogs. A special mention has to go to @Markw29‘s awesome ‘King Julien the Lemur’.

Originally published at on October 25, 2010.