Evernote for a Skills Based ICT Curriculum

Evernote has lots of possibilities in developing supporting systems for learning. I’ve already written about using it as an evidence storage here and as a way of organising a year group’s curriculum here. This post is regarding the use of Evernote as a way of organising our school’s skills based ICT curriculum.

The reason to do this? I want staff to be able to easily find software and Internet apps that they can use to support learning of ICT curriculum skills. I don’t want staff to be stuck with the same tools they have used for years when there are more engaging and progressive learning tools on offer. I also want details of progression to be within the Evernote notebook, supporting teachers understanding of the capabilities of learners.

So instead of the Google Doc that has previous had our ICT Curriculum, now there is a shared Evernote notebook. When a teacher wants to view their year group’s skills they click ‘Skills’ and then press ‘ctrl’ (which just as with Windows, allows other tags to be selected at the same time) and their year group.

To select skills for a particular area of ICT, press ‘ctrl’ and then click the area of ICT required in addition to the year group and ‘Skills’.

The real power comes if you uncheck ‘Skills’ which will show all skills and associated programs for that year group or uncheck ‘Skills’ and click ‘Applications’ (whilst holding ‘ctrl’) which will just show the application options for that year group, within the ICT curriculum area selected.

Over time I am planning to add additional supplementary information regarding possible learning outcomes, ideas, progression within each skill and each tool (tagged as applications), planning outlines and possibly the use of ICT in other subjects (particularly Literacy). I believe that if our staff get used to using this system it will provide all the necessary support and details required in the use of ICT in our school.

Originally published at primarypete.net on February 22, 2011.