I Can Statements — Rising Stars

One of the great things about the Rising Stars Progression Framework for English and Maths is the additional guidance it gives teachers to make judgements on individual objectives. This helps create far more consistency in assessments than otherwise would be likely, with different staff interpreting progress through an objective differently.

Well now the support comes full circle, back to where it is most needed. The children. Using their framework, Rising Stars have now developed a set of I Can Statements for Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These statements not only give as clear an understanding for a child in 1 sentence as is possible, they also further support teachers with Mastery questions helping assess understanding. It’s crucial that they have adopted a 1:1 approach. 1 objectives, 1 I Can Statement. That avoids creating layers of assessment / understanding along a best fit / APP model. It’s simple.

You also get each I Can statement in a little box, just to save some time should you wish to use these ‘out of the box’.

This is all very well but what can you actually do with them other than help clarify objectives in lessons? Well, I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface but here are a few ideas I am looking at in our school:

The resource will certainly save us time creating something ourselves and we know it to be of a sound quality. So what do you think? Do you have your own I Can Statements? Would these be useful for your school? Can you suggest any other applications of any I Can Statements that could impact on learning?