Prowise Presenter Fractions Pack

At Christmas I created a Multiplication Pack for Prowise Presenter. Which is a great alternative to Smart Notebook or death by Powerpoint. I’ve really moved over to it as my primary whole class teaching tool. There are some really innovative features in the software (and their hardware) that make it well worth checking out. In this latest pack, I’ve created a presentation for each fractions objective in the new National Curriculum from Year 1 to Year 3.

You can access Prowise presenter for free by signing up here.

Here are the links to each of the fraction presentations:

Year 1 Halving

Year 1 Quarters

Year 2 Write simple fractions

Year 2 1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4

Year 3 Adding and subtracting fractions

Year 3 Compare and order fractions

Year 3 Equivalent fractions

Year 3 Fractions as numbers

Year 3 Fractions of objects

Year 3 Solve fraction problems

Year 3 Tenths