Prowise Times Table Pack for any screen or interactive whiteboard

First off, if you are not familiar with Prowise Presenter, it’s basically an internet based Smart Notebook with bells on. Serious bells. For more details, click here.

Over Christmas I’ve put together a presenter file for each times table. They all follow the same basic structure but differ depending on the year they appear in the National Curriculum (so there is more of a focus on arrays in year 2, simple algebra in year 4, for example).

I’ve utilised the awesomeness of Pro Connect (again, click here for details) where appropriate so if you have internet connected devices such as Chromebooks or Ipads at your class’ disposal then you can maximise interactivity. If not, don’t worry, the pack is fully functional without using Pro Connect.

Whilst each file can be used for an individual lesson, they’ve been built so benefit can be gained by revisiting the files multiple times (so if your class need to initially focus more on fluency you can do that, if you want to focus on links between particular times tables or on the concept of multiplication you can do that, or if you want to look at problems and reasoning opportunities you can do so.

Hopefully, if you haven’t given Prowise Presenter a go yet, grabbing one of these files will be a quick and easy way in for you — I’ve tried to give pointers within each for pedagogy and technical aspects.

All you need is a free Prowise account (click here) which gives you access over the same tools in the Presenter as the premium account. The key difference at individual teacher level is you are limited to saving 3 files to your online account with the free version, plenty to have a go, change, delete, make your own, download, export etc etc.

Prowise Presenter has quickly become my go-to whole class teaching tool and I genuinely haven’t looked back. Sometimes I use the desktop app, sometimes the web interface and sometimes the free IPad app.

Click on the links below to access each file in the pack:

2 times table
5 times table
10 times table
3 times table
4 times table
8 times table
6 times table
7 times table
9 times table
11 times table
12 times table

Hopefully you will find the pack useful or know someone who will! As usual, I welcome feedback!