Third Space Learning Maths 1:1 Update

We have now finished our taster sessions for our 1 selected child using Third Space Learning’s excellent online 1:1 system which you can read about in more detail here. Often when people write blog posts it’s when something starts rather than later on when impact can be measured. So although only a few weeks later, I thought I would share whether the platform has actually made a difference.

And it has.

The best way to measure it over the half term we had a weekly session is through asking the child directly and seeing how they have done in assessments comparative to their prior position. In their Autumn assessments they scored considerably higher than previously. Now this is obviously down to the cumulative affect of well drilled staff in Year 6, the general push at this stage in their education and additional adult resources allowing for group work and interventions to occur. But the benefit of just these few short weeks should not be underestimated carrying out 1:1. It’s best coming from the child’s mouth, so to speak, so here is what he said:

How has it been? Has it helped you do you think?
Yeah definitely. It’s helped loads.

Like, now I know a short method that only takes a minute or two rather than a whole page of working out. (They’d been shown this method previously, but it hadn’t stuck in class)

What was it like with the teacher?
They were great. Quite funny actually. Can I carry on?

This was, as ever, the genuine conversation and assessment results and I have not received anything other than the half term’s 1 a week 1:1 support from Third Space Learning. It’s definitely worth investigating.