Our suggested apps to manage a company

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Jul 10 · 2 min read

It is easier than ever to start and manage a company today due to the abundance of excellent SaaS applications for every function imaginable. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to choose which tools to use. Here is our list of suggestions.

Productivity and Communication

Google Apps is our preference. Gmail for email, Google Drive for shared files, Google Docs for word processing, Google Slides for presentations, Google Sheets for spreadsheets and Google Calendar for managing events.

Calendly makes scheduling simple by sending a link with our availability to those we want to set a time to meet or speak with.

We use Asana to track and manage projects. Anything of substance to be planned or done goes in Asana for us.

Slack is our choice for real-time chat. We eliminate most internal email this way and have channels for each key topic we regularly discuss.

We use Zoom non-stop for video chat both internally and externally and set up multiple lines to enable parallel collaboration.

Sales and Marketing

Affinity helps us track opportunities (deals, investors, hires) and stay in sync about where we are in the pipeline.

Mailchimp automates our mailing lists to keep our network up to date.

Medium is our blog of choice.

Docsend enables seamless data room creation and sharing for sales processes.

Paperless posts enables easy group event planning.

Finance and Legal

Expensify manages our reimbursements.

Bill.com makes it easy to pay invoices.

Quickbooks online controls accounting.

First Republic is our bank of choice.

Gusto runs payroll.

Carta manages cap tables seamlessly.

Prime Movers Lab invests in breakthrough scientific startups founded by Prime Movers, the inventors who transform billions of lives. We invest $1mm-$3mm in seed-stage companies reinventing energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, human augmentation and computing.

Prime Movers Lab

Backing breakthrough scientific inventions transforming billions of lives.

Prime Movers Lab

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Backing breakthrough scientific startups transforming billions of lives across energy, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing,and human augmentation.

Prime Movers Lab

Backing breakthrough scientific inventions transforming billions of lives.

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